The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...

Alex Meyers
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...
Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
Riverdale season 3 is a mess...
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Nov 6, 2018




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Komentarze 5 200
Carol ine
Carol ine 2 dni temu
I need part 2 of this
Jack Larson
Jack Larson 2 dni temu
No hate but I love this show
Kenzie Love
Kenzie Love 3 dni temu
5:53 I snorted out loud lmao
Lizandra Modoli
Lizandra Modoli 5 dni temu
Chilling adventures of Sabrina is a great show.. Way way way above Riverdale. There's no comparing the two!!
Kinto Katt
Kinto Katt 6 dni temu
"What 16 years old would ask that?" Me: "nervously hiding in the corner"
Czech Empire
Czech Empire 7 dni temu
I just went to get the Yubo but you stoped me with lgbt
Currently Reloading
I love this show
Druid Riley
Druid Riley 9 dni temu
I love Sabrina. Can't wait for Season 3. Ms. Wardwell DECLINED their invitation, yet Alex came up with some scenario THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, then mocks it. as if it really happened. Really Alex? No, Tinder is not like casting a spell. Still lame, Alex. As for spiders, you do know this is a horror dramedy, right? Does your video get any better?
Addison Webb
Addison Webb 10 dni temu
I really like Sabrina
roi-roi 10 dni temu
I'm so excited for season 3.
rainingChocolate 10 dni temu
This show would've been 72817 times better if Sabrina wasnt fucking annoying. And yes please make a show about Ambrose.
Crazy Girl_07
Crazy Girl_07 11 dni temu
sabrina the teenage witch is better.
Oceanic 13 dni temu
We Need a season 2 Reaction
LEELUvs KPOP 14 dni temu
I loved the chilling adventure of Sabrina 💀
Mini Donut
Mini Donut 15 dni temu
Season 1 is more better, bcuz of Harvey and Sabrina relationship,
badgerman 16 dni temu
Scary thing that the woman Ms Wardwell met was Lilith
SwordStab_Gamez _
SwordStab_Gamez _ 16 dni temu
And go to.... NOT HOGWARTS
Izzy yesilcimen
Izzy yesilcimen 18 dni temu
okay as much as I hate to admit it this show IS HELLA WEIRD BAHAHAH, but it’s so good!
Melania Prestvik
Melania Prestvik 20 dni temu
Wow I'm watching this seres now and I freaking love it¯\_(ツ)_/¯
BreathofFreshAir 20 dni temu
Came over just to say keep sabrina outcha mouth boy
MiraculousLB_fan [Ray]
Yubo is literally teenage tinder!!
Haf Fox-James
Haf Fox-James 23 dni temu
You should watch the magitions !!!
Maja Bailey
Maja Bailey 23 dni temu
I can’t believe you got sponsored by teen tinder
Macy Monical
Macy Monical 24 dni temu
Here is a pop quiz on stuff nobody probably knows! What high school activity scores participants on a scale of 0-30 but the scale is commonly shortened to 27-30.
Sophia Walston
Sophia Walston 27 dni temu
Ohhhh my god THANK YOU. This show is.. good but like the tone is super weird and the characters... no teenagers talk like that. I would definitely watch an entire show about Ambrose, as well. SABRINA IS ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUSLY RIGHTEOUS THAT"S A PERFECT DESCRIPTION
Artsy Asian
Artsy Asian 27 dni temu
Oh I watched the old Sabrina but I haven’t watched the new one yet
Jihane Mazet
Jihane Mazet 27 dni temu
I was reading a fanfiction, and I laughed, AND I said "Ok back to the show " It wasn't even a show, and I'm French, I said it in English for christ's sake ! 😂😂😂
Flash Man
Flash Man 28 dni temu
Friends more like friends with benefits.
Emma McBeath
Emma McBeath 29 dni temu
ironically, I am an emo horse girl. ALSO I FUCKIN LOVE SABRINA.
Grace L.
Grace L. Month ago
The chilling adventures of ambros? Hell yeahhhhh 😤😤🙌🙌🙌
Vandalea Horvath
To not Hogwarts.
Renaissance Nerd
"Bojak Horseman, Rick and Morty, only swipe right if you're under forty" 😂
Kaylin De villiers-Mohr
Is there a season three or is it just over😭😂
vanessa 3011
vanessa 3011 Month ago
caos is not as bad as insentiable but like yes it is annoying and weird sometimes but it's also interesting as well
Joe Mills
Joe Mills Month ago
It looks very tonally different from the Sabrina I grew up watching. 😮
XO Kimmie XO
XO Kimmie XO Month ago
I hated sebrina in this remake they propped her up to be soooo strong and important...but this chick COULD NEVER do anything by herself even though it was almost always HER FAULT they were in trouble and shes always so self righteous and holds everyone around her to this dumb standard But SHEEEE could lie to anyone for any reason and it's okay
Sunny Mclurkin
Sunny Mclurkin Month ago
•Kat Animation•
Every show I like you have to judge what’s next stranger things
Nayla Slays
Nayla Slays Month ago
Honestly I just felt like the new version was WAYYYYYY different then the original, for me I couldn’t even get thorough the first episode, in my personal opinion it was WAYYYYYY too demonic.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd 25 dni temu
her dad also had sabrina for the express purpose of handhing her over to satan and when her mom tried to stop it he drove her mad.
Ab Cd
Ab Cd 25 dni temu
its trying to be more accurate to the tone of the comics which were wierdly dark. like i recall that one plot line involved sabrinas dad tring to have a kid with her
La Biblioteca De Shub Niggurath
As a Wiccan I had big expectations on this show and I am so fucking disappointed
La Biblioteca De Shub Niggurath
Scott Cutting Thank you, best wishes for you too 💚
Scott Cutting
Scott Cutting 11 dni temu
Can’t blame you. It is kinda hitting all the old tropes and is reinforcing the stereotypes that wiccans worship Lucifer. I’d say if you can watch the whole thing without considering the religious ends (since it’s a mixed bag of Devil worship and Christian doctrine) and just enjoy it for what it is. A story about a girl trying to decide if light or dark is right only to sit many times in moral grey. So context I’m a Wiccan turned Christian Pastor (long weird story) but it does bother me how much bad press Wiccans get for things they don’t believe. Hope you had a blessed Samhain.
Will H
Will H Month ago
The thing about the show is they spend too much time virtue signaling.
Little Onion 我
If you get seasick from a tv show then you are clearly a Softcock
Little Onion 我
Riverdale is kinda irrelevant Like you... dirty hater
Little Onion 我
Wow I think the strange blobby looking thing is wierd. SABRINA IS THE BEST
Rita Abo
Rita Abo Month ago
i cant believe ur advertising yubo😒
Sam Swa
Sam Swa Month ago
The whole emo or horse girl choice stressed me out so much as a kid
balmainhearts Month ago
it’s funny how he doesn’t annoy me when he does his ads
Sara Alam
Sara Alam Month ago
Hi I'm Bob from accounting. You want some liquorice
agentduckles Month ago
Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs Month ago
I love ambrose omg
ikram ghe
ikram ghe Month ago
that's my favourite series ever
jess_a_banana Month ago
Do you go emo? Or do you go horse-girl😂
is this on Netflix
Anthony Finlaw
Anthony Finlaw Month ago
its balki!
I like Pink
I like Pink Month ago
This guy is the grim reaper of tv shows im always afraid he will find my favorite show geez.
Isabella Bloedorn
I love The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina because all the characters look and act like teenagers. Petty, irrational, a little cringe at times, but a lot of their mistakes come from good intentions. It feels very realistic in comparison to things like Riverdale and those cheesy rom coms now a days.
Rebecca Pierson
Rebecca Pierson Month ago
“Ackward moment to hit puberty,” lol.
Lidiane Peixoto
Lidiane Peixoto Month ago
sometimes I think about watching a show that everybody talks about just to see how it is but then I realize I can just see an alex meyers video about it
Nekonome Lilyith
I want a whole show about Ambrose as well, he was honestly one of my favorites outside of. . . Uhh forgor his name whoops
Aquicha 20 dni temu
I wanna know more about the plot to blow up the vatican, give me a whole series about this.
Sonam Singh
Sonam Singh Month ago
"I'm not scared of spiders but I'm scared of a million spiders!!!"
schafter - bigos (feat. Taco Hemingway)
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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