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RT and AH team up to steal a microwave from Stage 5 without facilities noticing.
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Aug 15, 2019




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Komentarze 685
G Man
G Man 14 dni temu
What that from at 0:44
MrSilverFox 16 dni temu
slicer940 28 dni temu
How many people in this video or the hide and seek RT life are still working at RT? Because im sad.
Ben Mason
Ben Mason Month ago
“Business is good” Well, apparently not.
Brianna Grout
Brianna Grout Month ago
Okay but chad should definitely get back at AH not because I think he’ll be successful but it would be great content
Joseph Banks
Joseph Banks Month ago
1:45 At least there's no video evidence of Christina being involved.
Conor Kennedy
Conor Kennedy Month ago
Working as a security guard at Roosterteeth must be such a great job.
An Idiot
An Idiot Month ago
Chad is now deskless, this is so sad alexa play despacito
Chaos Insurgent Spoortan
I love this, everything that can go wrong goes wrong but when AH did it not one thing from chads room was left and did it in 1/3 of the time.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Month ago
Jeremy and Blane in the same room. Too much meat for such a small room.
Shelby Babcock
Shelby Babcock Month ago
I love how the “distraction” set up by Ryan and Jeremy starts with them asking “what’s the least flammable area?”
COD man Out
COD man Out Month ago
I loved hearing in a podcast after the fact that, apparently, after stealing the microwave, they had to either hide it, or else John Mace already took it back. Also, have Andrew on the RT Podcast
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson Month ago
Jeez, this heist was so sloppy compared to AH's
Itanno Month ago
Why does Jon's hair look like silly string
Shadow Angel
Shadow Angel Month ago
I love how Hector said I’ll ignore what you’re doing if you lock this person up instead. Blaine saying I’m the muscle was so good.
Bush Month ago
KaylaMarie Month ago
Y’all should have had “The Heist” from the RWBY 6 soundtrack playing in the background.
NIGHT GOJI Month ago
Yo I just thought of something. What if AH stole both the microwave and Chad’s desk via Ocean’s 12 style 😎
Gold Star Of Venus
Guys... I love you... But please, for the love of god... Don't start a heist war with AH... Regardless of if you lock your door, AH can - and will - find a way in. You won't survive.
Temporary Citizen
So who at roosterteeth has the XSR900 at 8:10 cause whassup friend
BloatedBlitz Month ago
Just a normal day for any newcomers
iSevenWonders Month ago
Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history. RT:
Darth Thrath
Darth Thrath Month ago
Doesn't the AH crew always lose in their heists? LOL :P
Alex Sperling
Alex Sperling Month ago
I was looking for this part when Gav mentioned it on the podcast this week. "How's business?" 4:32
Beta Cyth
Beta Cyth Month ago
That’s hilarious
Kurei0 Month ago
omg looool
GioTheVax Month ago
John Mace's menacing walk towards Barbara and Chad is sending me
Emory Parr
Emory Parr Month ago
“Hurry! Microwave something!” “My Keys!
Mr. Bear The Bear
They always do fun things and I enjoy that
Dio Month ago
So this is what the RT First subscription is going towards
PissTest Month ago
JackRabbit819 Month ago
I dont get the "I'm not me" joke reference
Lightning Month ago
4:48 is the moment the double cross heist started.
David McNick
David McNick Month ago
For a large media company, why is everyone recording on their phones?? Do they not have a proper camera?
Colonel Pepper
Colonel Pepper Month ago
You would think having 9.5 million subscribers would give them enough money to buy some appliances.
shoulve taken the taco
N.J Pro
N.J Pro Month ago
The ultimate heist would be AH and RT teaming to heist Funhaus But FH is heisting AH who is double-crossing RT Who is secretly with FH who is secretly with AH. And then there’s Joel Heyman and Zach Anner’s secret team for a plot twist. Wrap your head around that logic.
Verv No
Verv No Month ago
The best lines are how do we que them? We don't they just go. That just describes AH in the world of Rooster Teeth lol.
Thomas Button
Thomas Button Month ago
Next time. You take the taco chad
Quint Dunaway
Quint Dunaway Month ago
Plot twist: Chad’s office is now covered with comments saying how Ben 10 should of won from the Ben 10 vs Green Lantern Death Battle. I mean if they did I hope my comment is up there!
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox Month ago
RIP Boomstick
STRAF3x Month ago
Involving AH with a heist, and expecting them not to get their gubs. Rookie mistake.
Alex Wells
Alex Wells Month ago
This is the ONLY successful heist AH has pulled off
Joseph Licht
Joseph Licht Month ago
Like a movie...
vLightnDarkv Month ago
4:50 I think in this moment they began to wonder if recruiting the AH crew was the wisest choice. XD
Tom Kereama
Tom Kereama Month ago
And from the very moment Trevor called 'Heist', all control had been lost.
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores Month ago
These Oceans 16 movie was really low budget, not once did I see Brad Pitt eat anything and that's his thing. I'm still watching the sequel but c'mon
HoldMyMug Month ago
Seeing Gavin at the end 😆
TJ Adams
TJ Adams Month ago
9:23 Chad would make either the best or worst guard.
JanEn3 Month ago
RUBIRU135 Month ago
Scrapped Payday 2 heist colab dlc
michael Baker
michael Baker Month ago
someone make a supercut of this
Bruno Leite
Bruno Leite Month ago
What a bunch of amateurs, AH knows what’s up
rebeljake 16
rebeljake 16 Month ago
Should have taken the taco chad
Hiraoka Toshi
Hiraoka Toshi Month ago
Please make a season 2 for "Nomad of Nowhere"! It's an amazing series and I've enjoyed watching all 12 episodes of season 1. I believe I'm not the only one that would love to have a season 2 for this series. It got so many views and you lot should really try bringing back those types of animations, they were great entertainment for us and great money for you! :D
Axqu7227 Month ago
Poor long-suffering Hector! Lol!
goldosprey Month ago
10:27 Security: Oh my god I am so glad I got this job, cause I get to see stupid stuff like this
z24CHz Month ago
Lol chad always take the taco
Marshall West
Marshall West Month ago
Never trust heist masters
Aiman Safwan
Aiman Safwan Month ago
Well, Chad should've taken the tacos from Michael. Otherwise, AH will bring chaos.
ISAFMobius18 Month ago
I watched the other double heist before this and im so glad I did. AH FTW!
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