The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...

Alex Meyers
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The Last Summer Netflix Animation
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the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
Twilight Eclipse doesn't make any sense...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
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May 14, 2019




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Komentarze 3 946
FAT peanut907
FAT peanut907 17 godzin temu
Is the person who plays griffon percy Jackson
TheGaelic SpacePickle
Wow Netflix...... U need to shut down
mario lewis
mario lewis 2 dni temu
Is that girl related to Katie Holmes?
PotatoCatRoll 4 dni temu
Danny Devoted
Danny Devoted 5 dni temu
Griffin just found out his dad is a fuckboy and a home wrecker. And Phoebe is mad?
Hobo of Mexico
Hobo of Mexico 5 dni temu
2:28 Nice reference to that tinder story.
Gosia Mikołajczyk
Damn mixtapes (Supernatural s12e19 anyone?)
Ball Of Sunshine
Ball Of Sunshine 6 dni temu
"What teenager would talk like this" Me: slides into my blankie to hide my shame
deadbits _
deadbits _ 6 dni temu
Not being able to eat any cornbread is the only real conflict in this movie.
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas 7 dni temu
i would have to disagree after graduating making friends and getting laid constantly is hard for me maybe because i never go out and socialize
KayKay2513 9 dni temu
If some man said that hot line to me at that age I woulda been like, "like coffee?" I was so innocent.
Aisha 9 dni temu
I've just found ur channel and have already watched 3 or 4 and you're hilarious 😂
Cat Devereux
Cat Devereux 9 dni temu
I love how poor Griffin was the one who was hurt finding out his Dad was cheating on his Mum, and I can understand Phoebe's issue with his lie of omission but... where was her support and understanding for him? and how this impacted his family?
Charcoal Toothpaste
Idk why but the whole things get better idea after high school is really motivational thanks
the inbound fox andrew
Pretty sure retirement homes are 60% more sexually active than colleges and schools
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres 12 dni temu
Things actually got *worst* for me after High School.. ..but even *I* wouldn't wanna go back to High School, lol
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson 13 dni temu
Idk i think its weird that Phobe and her mom are like mad at Griffin when A- its his dads fault because he's a cheater B- Giffin is supposed to be still a kid. And he's in an awkward situation. No matter when he would have brought this up it wouldnt have gone well.
R K J S 14 dni temu
3:03, HAHA, I say that..
xflash alllen
xflash alllen 15 dni temu
Mate screw all this teen shit im just here to watch alex make hilarious jokes and sarcastic comments. YOU DA MAN
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 16 dni temu
I loved the bottle of 100% pure happenstance
Weird Tree
Weird Tree 17 dni temu
You are so right. Like yo why are you acting like this. It's just high school. They treat like high school is the peak of existence and everything goes down high but when i was in high school, it wasnt great but it wasnt bad per say. I had a mundane high school experience with mundane ppl I knew since kindergarten. I felt like I was in this cube of who I am and who I should be. But I'm now in college, it's much better. I mean I'm a bit depressed and lonely here but oof! I can't describe it clearly but it's a sense of finding yourself more. High school was supposed to be finding yourself but it's more of working hard and trying your best but college for me is to actually find myself in who I am bc no one knows me so I have more reign in searching myself. What I'm trying to say ppl who are in high school, work as hard as you can, tolerate the supid rules (screw you no hats rule), tolerate and maybe befriend the teachers, and just don't go too crazy bc college is worth it (if you plan on going down this path)
BreathofFreshAir 17 dni temu
Pretty sure this is based on a book, it actually has a series
TheSaltyOlive _
TheSaltyOlive _ 17 dni temu
“And their happy” No one: Alex:WhAteVer ThaTs Lik3 I’m dying
Parkour Hamster
Parkour Hamster 19 dni temu
Charlie Rockwell
Charlie Rockwell 19 dni temu
Ok this movies dumb but also why is everyone mad at the dude for not telling the girl about the parents? Like he just found out his dad's cheating on his mum. that's a big deal??
Azalea WhiteRain
Azalea WhiteRain 20 dni temu
Is that the chick from the show "The Fosters"? You should do a video on the fosters, that was a good series!
Sindel1011 20 dni temu
On my last Summer between senior year of high school and freshmen year of college, I spent my time making a 45 min sims hunger games machinima! It took me 6 months (March-September)! But I was so proud! Glad I didn’t waste it 😂 Didn’t get anything out of it other than self-pride! Worth it!
Softie bugaboo
Softie bugaboo 22 dni temu
As a teen sometimes I say stuff like "I'm not sure if I'm capable of love." That's 50% of my conversations with one of my friends
532 _
532 _ 22 dni temu
the backgrounds you use seem so familiar
Chandler Burse
Chandler Burse 23 dni temu
"Unless your in the mood for something Hot." *Next Scene* Kid: "Hello 911" " I like to report a sex offender"
Kirstin Macleod
Kirstin Macleod 24 dni temu
Alex, you were in a really good mood when you did the commentating for this video 🤣
rock xoxo
rock xoxo 24 dni temu
I hate you for making me go through this 11:25 3 times 😭😂😂😂😂
Lauren Sexton
Lauren Sexton 24 dni temu
cant we just do that again lol... You make me giggle, lpve that your animations are on programs we grew up on
Unstoppable Oreo
Unstoppable Oreo 25 dni temu
Did he even tell her how it was with his dad? Because if he did she may have reacted a lil inconsiderate I mean I get it but I don’t at the same time
Suzette Meza
Suzette Meza 25 dni temu
KJ apa when he was chubby lol
Lightwood Bane
Lightwood Bane 25 dni temu
4:22 "Whatever that is like" hahahahahha saaaame
au ma
au ma 25 dni temu
Hahahaha yeah
Artixell STX
Artixell STX 26 dni temu
I'm... So confused.
Carly Rae Nation
Carly Rae Nation 26 dni temu
My friends song is actually the opening song🙂💞
Mia シ Santos
Mia シ Santos 26 dni temu
*archie and phoebe* MEKFKNENF
Mackenzi Saavedra
Mackenzi Saavedra 26 dni temu
wait.....for the WHOLE movie, i didn’t know KJ Apa was the main character! wtf. im stupid.
blogcabinlife 26 dni temu
The part where he said felling happy whatever that's like got me so much
Ayla Oleff
Ayla Oleff 26 dni temu
Archie 😂
meinreallife :p
meinreallife :p 27 dni temu
ok this guy is so fucking funny like what
g mac 2
g mac 2 27 dni temu
Check out funny TV shows like miraculous 😂😊
Caro E
Caro E 28 dni temu
K.J is the best
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 28 dni temu
This was partially filmed I'm ohio
Krankar Volund
Krankar Volund 29 dni temu
Maybe it's because I don't have seen the movie, but... how Griffin should be able to knew that Phoebe's mother didn't knew she was dating a married man? And, why do Phoebe make a mountain out of that, that's their parents businesses.... I mean, I think Griff is dumb and should have tell her about his dad (I would, mostly because I would have wanted to talk to someone about this XD), but, I found Phoebe dumb to quit it for that. Scolding him, yeah, okay, I get it, just dumping him... that's overreacting ^^'
dylan's abcs !
dylan's abcs ! 29 dni temu
why was phoebes mom so pissy when she was the one that should have been apologizing LMAO
Strawberry Seungmin
i wonder what it’s like to be that one person who really has watched everything on netflix 😂
Cheru Siderea
Cheru Siderea 29 dni temu
I had to stop that video so often (because I laughed too hard :'D) and every single time I wanted to give it another thumbs up.
Symphony Olvera
Symphony Olvera Month ago
I WASTED 2 FREAKIN HOURS OF MY LIFE ON THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XO Kimmie XO
XO Kimmie XO Month ago
Love how no one brought up the fact that HIS MOTHER GOT CHEATED ON TOOOOO not just Phoebes why wouldn't the writers have him address that when everyone was mad at him like ....HELLO MAYBE I WAS SCARED TO BE THE CATALYST IN FURTHERING THE DESINEGRATION OF MY PARENTS MARRIAGE 🧐
GreekFairytales 1234
You should do this show on Netflix called “Go, Live Your Way”
melisa caceres
melisa caceres Month ago
"my last shred of faith in humanity" Phoebe, that sounds more like a meme than a break up.
SilverWindYt Month ago
Lovely turtles:p
"last chance to make some stupid decisions." *No. No. There will be plenty of those to go around later.*
「 Rose 」
「 Rose 」 Month ago
Why should Phoebe be mad at Archie when the "his dad was cheating on his mom on Phoebe's mom" problem impacted him too. ;-;
Sbahle D
Sbahle D Month ago
I love how he says "The Devil's Tangoooooo" 😂😂😂😂
Karsyn zzstu Beauchamp
I honestly did not like Phoebe at all. You do realize Griffon’s dad cheated on his mom, which is way more life impacting than your mom dating a married man. Geez. 🙄
Ghost Killzzz
Ghost Killzzz Month ago
Archie's andrewwsss
alex meyers compilation

alex meyers compilation

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SCOOB! - Official Teaser Trailer

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