The Mandalorian | Official Trailer | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12

Star Wars
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After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. “The Mandalorian” is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.




Aug 24, 2019




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Komentarze 32 916
badca2K 10 godzin temu
So is it Jango or Boba
KILOU RO 11 godzin temu
Bark Masneela
Bark Masneela 12 godzin temu
Disney has the formula for the 21’s “cowboy film genre” here, I hope it’s good
Timmie Rendall
Timmie Rendall 13 godzin temu
This sucks I have seen all of the starwars and now I can't see this cos it's on disney + what can I do will it come out in boxset or be on sky without paying more money just to watch stuff I already have sky and Netflix and I mist grand tour cos of this problem Some one help me if there is a way
SwiftSabre 13 godzin temu
Sucks we won't get this in the UK for months now.
Live Free
Live Free 17 godzin temu
This is an obvious TRAP. It's going to turn into the "Wamandalorian or the Transdalorian". In fact, I don't believe the bounty hunter in this trailer is a man. Look at the hips of the character when it walks. It's a woman. DISNEY IS LYING TO YOU ALL!
Mark Guerrero
Mark Guerrero 18 godzin temu
That ship look a lot like a firefly class transport ship
steeljaw the wolf
steeljaw the wolf 19 godzin temu
1:09 me on the last day school when I say good by to my class mates
A Cash
A Cash 22 godzin temu
his backpack better have jets.
Gacha Khylon
Gacha Khylon Dzień temu
*hi my name is Luke Skywalker And Your Watching Disney Channel.*
Kristoff Bjorgman
Kristoff Bjorgman Dzień temu
Maybe, as long as we don't get any more of this PC anti-white woke garbage.
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose
Neither Bill Burr or Werner Herzog will make me forget the Rats control the Mouse.
Dude Stupid
Dude Stupid Dzień temu
so exited for this
Keith Gagnon
Keith Gagnon Dzień temu
Space Western in star wars universe....PEEFECTION! Sick trailer music also.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Dzień temu
This should be renamed to The Return of Bill Burr
James Bennett
James Bennett Dzień temu
If we learned anything from Iron Man, it has to be that Favreau is a fantastic director. And Pedro Pascal has been great in everything I've seen him in. After the way he learned the spear for GoT and the whip for Kingsman, I'm excited by what Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid style gun tricks he's gonna pull off. The Mandalorian has a great budget, director, writer, showrunner and actors. If they manage to mess it up with all those advantages, that will be a more impressive achievement than if it's amazing.
greg williams
greg williams Dzień temu
This looks better than the last 5 Star Wars movies....
hoveringsombrero1 Dzień temu
here for HERZOG!
313south✔ Dzień temu
It's a Fring thing.
Amanda Roseborg Wase
Wow cool
Kaneda Dzień temu
hello Disney, Rogue series when ?
Ron Eckler
Ron Eckler Dzień temu
I haven’t seen a trailer this good since Jimmy Kimmel’s Civil War trailer!!
Greg Rodgers
Greg Rodgers 2 dni temu
Can't wait to watch !!!!
pauric boylan
pauric boylan 2 dni temu
This might bring Star Wars back from the decline.🙏
Mirous 2 dni temu
Masterpiece trailer with great soundtrack.
Miranda Summerset
Everybody: bill burr Me: Bryce Dallas Howard directed this
Private Arc
Private Arc Dzień temu
Yeah, nearly a different director for each of eight episode.
MatthewD Bryant
MatthewD Bryant 2 dni temu
This looks badass
TOP T3NS 2 dni temu
Can not wait
dc2130 2 dni temu
This looks way better than ep 9
James Walker
James Walker 2 dni temu
It looks cool enough, but do we really need another star was movie about non force users?
Private Arc
Private Arc Dzień temu
It's on Disney Plus, a Netflix competitor.
duN dUN DUN 2 dni temu
It’s not a movie, it’s a series, and there is much more to Star Wars than just the Force side of things. That being said, I see the Skywalker Saga as a hybrid of all things Star Wars, and I’m sure there will be a more Force centric live action story soon. It will most likely be the next trilogy from the Game of Thrones show runners.
Sinan Grafik
Sinan Grafik 2 dni temu
Music name?
Digital_Ladd 2 dni temu
I can't wait!
Secret InSD
Secret InSD 2 dni temu
Great music
James Page
James Page 2 dni temu
I'm sold, can't wait for this new service to come out
SoundWave 6
SoundWave 6 2 dni temu
This MUSIC😁he turned around like this is what I do
The DarthChief
The DarthChief 2 dni temu
I wish I could forget I saw this trailer so I can watch it again for the first time and freak out!!
ThatRandom Eagle
ThatRandom Eagle 2 dni temu
The beat is so sick!
Wicked Weeknd
Wicked Weeknd 2 dni temu
It’s gonna be a lady in that suit, bet!
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire 2 dni temu
Wicked Weeknd Nope.
Thomas Shmitthal
Thomas Shmitthal 2 dni temu
Please be good
NAMA STE 3 dni temu
It feels kinda uhh, that they still using old and the first Star Wars sounds and costumes. I mean yeah, it's a Star Wars universe, but all those look the same and boring now. It was new and cool back then, but now it's just copying of old movies. What's really new here? Feels like it will be a boring and faky drama with some not funny humor. Maybe it will not. I'm just describing my first impression of the trailer. p.s. Okay, Bill Burr's bald back of the head is most interesting part of this.
Jay 3 dni temu
Make Star Wars Great Again! This looks incredible.
ロブ 3 dni temu
Werner Herzog in a Star Wars/ Disney movie?! Interesting choice. Didn't see that coming.
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire 2 dni temu
ロブ It‘s a Star Wars Show
Ben V
Ben V 3 dni temu
This was a million times better than the D23 footage for Rise of Skywalker. This looks/feels amazing. TROS I just feel Disney's desperation.
Gabriel 3 dni temu
Hope you don't ruin this with your feminism and political correctness.
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 3 dni temu
Ol' Billy bald head.
Patrick Ohm
Patrick Ohm 3 dni temu
Wasnt a big fan of Star Wars till I saw this trailer..
James W
James W 3 dni temu
People are on about Bill Burr but I heard Pedro Pascal had the lead in this show. Totally lost now? xD
Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot 3 dni temu
Muito bom
The Ghost of Winterfell
The Mandalorian: There are two kinds of people in the galaxy, my friend. Those with loaded blasters, and those who dig. You dig.
241 Legendary
241 Legendary 3 dni temu
The dark saber might appear?
Private Arc
Private Arc 2 dni temu
It's at Mandalore right? I hope they visit there this season or the next.
MrBananaSamich 3 dni temu
So i thought this series was boba fet but it cant be if it takes place after return of the jedi right?
SevenDeMagnus 3 dni temu
So cool. This won't do as well coz' it's not Bobba.
Ex0dusBegins 3 dni temu
Why ya gonna playa hate on IG-88
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips 3 dni temu
Didn't think it could get more savage than stormtroopers heads on pikes until I saw Bill Burr was in here.
Fornax 3 dni temu
I came here for Bill Burr
mhks68 4 dni temu
OMG Bill Burr!!!!! Ayyeeee Billllayyyy.
Steve Govea
Steve Govea 4 dni temu
I'm more excited about this story plot than I do about Rey and Ren.
Damon Cross
Damon Cross 4 dni temu
Bounty hunt the Delete😎
The Unknown User
The Unknown User 4 dni temu
Gustavo Fring is in it? Good , good.
Christopher Lutz
Christopher Lutz 4 dni temu
It’s been a couple days, better rewatch this a few times lol
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Oh no...

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