The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...

Alex Meyers
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the perfect date movie reaction
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Apr 24, 2019




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Komentarze 6 122
Strange Scripts
Strange Scripts Dzień temu
Celia’s response when he opened the car door for her is so me 😂
Adrian Roatis
Adrian Roatis Dzień temu
Vfyv ur ugfgvygyvkhgv weeeksjamakskskekemsam I am a turtle
Nurse08 Dzień temu
Side note: Am I the only one who gets annoyed when they see someone mock a person for holding the door open for them? Like apparently being an independent woman means you cannot accept basic polite gestures?
Kayla M.
Kayla M. 2 dni temu
i don't know what triggered horrendous flashbacks more, the part where alex writes "*slowly walks up to you*" or when he recited the beginning of the pacer test module
Vandowning 1
Vandowning 1 2 dni temu
I am a girl and I am siting in bed eating nachos.
Krisell Contreras
U should watch Swipe Up
Samaira Cook
Samaira Cook 2 dni temu
This is kinda like Easy A
Emma LaPointe
Emma LaPointe 3 dni temu
biggest mistake is that Celia or whayever should def be gay there’s too many vibes
blondies bookshelf
I know this was a joke. But now whenever I see an actor that I recognize from another show, I'm going to pretend that they are the character from the show BUT UNDERCOVER.
S Kay
S Kay 4 dni temu
"Like a LOsEr "😂😂😂😂
Trisha 5 dni temu
So basically he's a male prostitute without all the sex
Sabrina Lor
Sabrina Lor 5 dni temu
I am that girl tho
Danny Devoted
Danny Devoted 5 dni temu
So this movie is just implied prostitution
Moola Ram
Moola Ram 5 dni temu
Veronica form riverdale. Isee what you did there
deadbits _
deadbits _ 6 dni temu
That was a harsh UCONN diss by the movie. Jesus.
xinzhuo Zeng
xinzhuo Zeng 7 dni temu
Wait Im just curious about how could he apply to yale writing run on essays to his crush anyways
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones 7 dni temu
"UCON is the girl whose down the street, who eats food in bed and smells like it" umm are you food shaming.... Austin Ames would never 😂
Foxy Gal
Foxy Gal 8 dni temu
Please watch ToraDora.
101 savage
101 savage 8 dni temu
He is a negative nancy
paul charumbira
paul charumbira 8 dni temu
Im not even watching these movies anymore, just watch these videos and im set
asi muronga
asi muronga 9 dni temu
This movie was kinda annoying
ILENS. WORLD 9 dni temu
Celia: Pretend to have a conversation with me! *Mouths* Alex: Yeah that's normal Me: *Laughs and repeats a million times Please like this! This was very hard to type cuz I got REALLY long nails on rn lol
QYURRYUS 9 dni temu
im so dumb i thought they were talking about jail
Amelia Queen
Amelia Queen 7 dni temu
lol hahahahah I died😂😂
Cat Devereux
Cat Devereux 9 dni temu
Lmao. Most women hate pretentious guys although I do like Vinyl, so maybe I'm pretentious O_O
Rana Safi
Rana Safi 11 dni temu
I love this movie but holy cow you're right, the amount of school dances. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 HAHAHAHAHAH when you put on the suspense part about whether she likes him too 😂😂😂😂😂😂
arianne vas
arianne vas 13 dni temu
This movie is actually cute honestly...I'm gonna get hate for this but it's better than tatbilb
mehika mainali
mehika mainali 14 dni temu
the perfect date is literally just a mixture of to all the boys i've loved before and swiped
YoMamaUgly yee
YoMamaUgly yee 14 dni temu
This dudes animations are too goood IM DEAD
Sonia Moser
Sonia Moser 15 dni temu
ME: ok so how do I wright this TEACHER: ah I donno you can just photo shop your pictures and put them on sports people or sometin ME: ummmm TEACHER:or you can do sometin like take pictures of animals and put you in there oki ME: ME:o...ok um sure
Sonia Moser
Sonia Moser 15 dni temu
no more about strange twilight things I really enjoy it a little bit :) lol
King Oswald
King Oswald 15 dni temu
Innocent Assassin
Innocent Assassin 15 dni temu
iiAvocad _no
iiAvocad _no 16 dni temu
I want to be Alex... Having a job as someone who makes arguements about movies and makes cartoons about it.
pastel_stars 17 dni temu
2:08-2:18 . Me: *sitting in bed,chomping on churros,mouth full* ...haha....
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker 17 dni temu
*Celia Leiberman? A Jew.* 😑
Meme Fordayz
Meme Fordayz 17 dni temu
Yes play waterpolo
Naroy A.
Naroy A. 17 dni temu
Nardin Alkhalifa
Nardin Alkhalifa 18 dni temu
...... I like music
TheWiggleMan 19 dni temu
Emily fences
Emily fences 19 dni temu
1:43" how many socks is too many socks..." question of my life
Haiz Stfld
Haiz Stfld 19 dni temu
Seriously every movie is lame to alexx
Kolby Valentine
Kolby Valentine 20 dni temu
Animations Z
Animations Z 20 dni temu
Ally and Dallas finally got to slow dance 😁 ( But Auslly forever!)
Alice Wintercrest
That's true it was exactly me, I'm in bed watching this after just making a sandwich hah
Kiowa girl
Kiowa girl 21 day ago
7:01, 12:56, 14:03 Whenever someone gets called up to the office over the intercom in elementary school.
HercMerc 21 day ago
Franklin is literally Grimes from Black Hawk Down. I’m almost positive they just twisted the words a little.
Artistic Albino
Artistic Albino 21 day ago
I’ve seen 3 movies with Noah centineo and I’m almost positive they were all the exact same movie and had the exact same storyline
shiny flareon
shiny flareon 22 dni temu
Katia Chavez
Katia Chavez 22 dni temu
Cousins dad is an actor for stranger things and the cousin is from Austin and Ally and shelby is veronica lodge. What the heck
Enclave soldier
Enclave soldier 22 dni temu
i clicked on one of this guts videos happy now you tube happy now
Screw It
Screw It 22 dni temu
girl : *exist* alex : I like jelly beans
Rand alKhonaizi
Rand alKhonaizi 22 dni temu
Doing it the Ally way
Manav Udgirkar
Manav Udgirkar 23 dni temu
Dang ally and Dallas still exist?
Psychonaut 23 dni temu
Noah Centineo has been in three movies where knowingly or unknowingly he has been in a relationship that was a front: Sierra Burgess is a Loser, The Perfect Date and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.
My Name
My Name 23 dni temu
Literally all girls eat in bed.
Nehan Khan
Nehan Khan 23 dni temu
I really wish these movies would actually go the way they plan.. I mean Celia gets with Franklin and Shelby gets with brooks. And how while hes dating her he still has to continue being the male escort to get money for college. And the day he's about to tell Shelby about his job she finds out and confronts him and breaks up with him. And that's his he was so desperate to get into the uni of his dreams that he ended up hurting the girl he wanted. Maybe he even publishes it and we see Shelby reading it while brook ends up going to another uni and helping out his dad. I wish they gave Shelby or Celia some character depth.. or even Shelby...there wasn't any point of having Shelby there in the movie tbh
viiathelens 24 dni temu
Thank you for saving me from watching the film, but still wanting to know the plot.
Yingshan Lu
Yingshan Lu 25 dni temu
this reminds me of Zapped, so plz Zapped next!
Azazura Azura
Azazura Azura 25 dni temu
was the movie funded by Noahs dad? if so look into the biggest movie scam ever. Also it sounds like they are trying to basically remake 10 things i hate about you. Due to the fact at peek that movie was way popular even for a rom/com.
Kvell Salvana
Kvell Salvana 25 dni temu
*Brooks:* He's cute. *Me:* This is going to be a gay plot twist, isn't it?


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