The World's Longest Drink Waterfall? | This Could Be Awesome #1

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We tried #TheTipsterChallenge from the top of our roof! Can we pull this off on our first try?
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The only requirement for this challenge is to get the drink from the roof to the barrel on the ground, using nothing but The Tipster! How do you think the crew did on their first This Could Be Awesome video challenge from Jamie?
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Aug 10, 2019

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Komentarze 1 936
Vat19 5 dni temu
How many cups could you connect with the Tipster? See some of our other challenge videos below! 4strefa.pl/video/video-M0s7hdgwRPA.html
johnchi1 23 godzin temu
Whites only cups or do you allow minority cups, unlike your channel?
ᕼI ᕼI ᕼI
ᕼI ᕼI ᕼI Dzień temu
What camera did u use near the start
ment7 Dzień temu
As much as I can afford.
thomasawl 2 dni temu
Get this to 69 likes
Distrct 2 dni temu
Vat 19 comment 57 likes Johns comment 1.1k
Hoang Brian
Hoang Brian Godzina temu
They are lik myth busters on steroids xd
Luke Zosky
Luke Zosky Godzina temu
So that is 176 pounds of beer
Adriana Kelly
Adriana Kelly Godzina temu
Make 3
panda gamin
panda gamin Godzina temu
this is just an excuse to drink at work
- imapirate368
- imapirate368 2 godzin temu
I get it roof beer
Bailie Vannucci
Bailie Vannucci 2 godzin temu
But why Why would you do that
Kenley The girl with the hamster
Kenley The girl with the hamster 2 godzin temu
9 27 he was moaning like they were being sexual
ReeceB speed up
ReeceB speed up 3 godzin temu
Finally a use for math
Jessi O'Donnell
Jessi O'Donnell 3 godzin temu
igot a vat19 commercial in this vid XD
kermit 4 godzin temu
Super sayain rosé cotton candy
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah 5 godzin temu
Who’s the guy carrying the keg In gray and pulling back?
Alicia Mocarski
Alicia Mocarski 5 godzin temu
this reminds me of those stupid word problems we had in school
Mr. Voltorb
Mr. Voltorb 5 godzin temu
Jamie: Go my slaves make me a 4Strefa video where we do something that is practically impossible or could at least go badly, any questions? Everyone: nope let’s do it. Loved the video guys keep up defying what we think is impossible
Jakob Lara
Jakob Lara 5 godzin temu
Ch___ip 6 godzin temu
واو نغمة شباب البومب 🙂
ZipZaber 6 godzin temu
It aint rootbeer, its roofbeer
Kerbal Chris
Kerbal Chris 6 godzin temu
Student: Where would we use this math in real life? Vat19:
Walking Bee Hive
Walking Bee Hive 6 godzin temu
Oh so that’s why my set didn’t arrive...
LexVantez • 9 years ago
LexVantez • 9 years ago 6 godzin temu
How Many Licks Does It REALLY Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?
ριχlgυи 1964
ριχlgυи 1964 6 godzin temu
Why beer ? It has alkohol in it, and its not good for kids too....
Hanan Alenezi
Hanan Alenezi 6 godzin temu
U are cool cz you never give up
Crystal Light
Crystal Light 7 godzin temu
To work at Vat19 you need to be extremely good in maths
Unknown User
Unknown User 7 godzin temu
What the heck is a hypotenuse... I learned it a while back but forgot
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace 8 godzin temu
Roof beer = roofie?
Deep Rodge
Deep Rodge 8 godzin temu
10:33 Gaadi wala aaya ghar se kachra nikal 😂😂😂😂 (Only indians will get this)
Terra the Mage
Terra the Mage 8 godzin temu
My dad helps the truck band you guys used, SAIA with security cameras
Can I get 1k subscribers without any videos? :3
Can I get 1k subscribers without any videos? :3 8 godzin temu
Maliha Khanum
Maliha Khanum 8 godzin temu
"The Sipline buy it now at vat19."
Gamber63 8 godzin temu
Vat19 Nichijou Diary #1
Penguin Gry
Penguin Gry 10 godzin temu
Who else loves vat19 but can never afford their products!
Diana Popescu
Diana Popescu 10 godzin temu
If there are any Eddsworld fans around here, sub to me Edds world shall never stop spinning
RiceFlavoredGum 16 godzin temu
*frat bro intensifies*
SoyNutsAndKale 17 godzin temu
Jamie: Make a really long drink Vat19 Crew: hold my beer
Luis García
Luis García 17 godzin temu
Just 2nd St Louis Vuitton the same time
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 17 godzin temu
Super glue
Carrus Brick Productions
Carrus Brick Productions 18 godzin temu
Next episode of this could be awesome make a big gummy hamburger
Impossabear 18 godzin temu
Man what a fun looking place to work
Calvin Chen
Calvin Chen 18 godzin temu
Wouldn’t it be smarter to put the cups on the holder and THEN put it on?
Tayen Petoskey
Tayen Petoskey 19 godzin temu
“I’m like a garbage man!,” I’m just garbage🙂
vitou guild
vitou guild 19 godzin temu
Dear Vat19 Can you guy please bring back Hans Gretel his so cool and most of the view really enjoying it so I hope you guy bring Z German absence back.
ProGamer8412 20 godzin temu
I’m sitting on my bed with the phobia that Joey will fall off that building and come crashing down to the ground. 5:25
Felicia 21 hour ago
Jamie is probably the best boss ever
Oscar Mullins
Oscar Mullins 22 godzin temu
6:14 omgshhhhhhhhhhh
Ruby.Lunar. Moon
Ruby.Lunar. Moon 22 godzin temu
Make birthday cake gummy bears please!!!
johnchi1 23 godzin temu
VAT19...the most "un-woke", whites only cast channel.
johnchi1 Dzień temu
Vat19...no minorities need apply...the whitest of white channels!
Ruhan Pacolli
Ruhan Pacolli Dzień temu
You Ned to save the 🐢🐢🐢
FallDam ageSucks
FallDam ageSucks Dzień temu
Vat19 out here with a STL home team shirt on, are y'all locals?
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Dzień temu
Now I wanna try this
Rio bluespartan
Rio bluespartan Dzień temu
Is it just me that's noticed their isn't really any other ethnicity here? It's not a major issue it's just a little strange.
L Bo
L Bo Dzień temu
If any of y'all like any Fallout game please like this comment
Raymond Bradley
Raymond Bradley Dzień temu
You need to do a real or sour patch challenge, that is as long as there is different flavor sourpatch that can be disgusting
Lolli Sull
Lolli Sull Dzień temu
What was your favorite how vat19 got its name video
LouisHemel Dzień temu
Make gummy chips
S Batra
S Batra Dzień temu
Calculus ov biir
Manic Bare
Manic Bare Dzień temu
Hello , you like 4Strefa me and subscribe thanks so much
PRAME Storytime
PRAME Storytime Dzień temu
No,no there’s bottle opener
Cute Twirl L :D
Cute Twirl L :D Dzień temu
The Tipster is perfect for me, i drink alot of water so yeah
Fateh Sharma
Fateh Sharma Dzień temu
Go to 2:50 to see someone holding a doughnut next to their eye
lipino 777
lipino 777 Dzień temu
I have a guestion about worlds largest gummy worm why don't you do a gummy worm what tastes like energy drink and can work like that
Alexandra Lai
Alexandra Lai Dzień temu
4:38 making weird sounds me: FELIX COME GET UR VILLAGERS
Alberto Sandoval
Alberto Sandoval Dzień temu
I got a question does the item you order have to be 45 dollars for free shipping. Or can you order multiple items and make the total 45 for free shipping
Arcomedes Dzień temu
Thanks for click baiting me with that jello video
KaidimRain hi
KaidimRain hi Dzień temu
Vat19:creates something cool them abuseing its power. Me:poor gadgets
win montgomery
win montgomery Dzień temu
*whole cast accidentally gets drunk*
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson Dzień temu
Do another Danny hiding video
Neko san
Neko san Dzień temu
Can you do a giant version of twisty magic?
Double_A I
Double_A I 2 dni temu
1:23 I wish I was high on potenuse. Like if u know what if I mean
Double_A I
Double_A I 2 dni temu
Key and Peele if you still didn’t get it.
Nate the great
Nate the great 2 dni temu
I think there all drunk while doing this
Autobot RAMI
Autobot RAMI 2 dni temu
U Was at the club
A Person
A Person 2 dni temu
I’m the biggest fan in the world
Samurai X
Samurai X 2 dni temu
3:30 is that the Guy who played as Mysterio in the film Spider-Man far from home
Vulprixx 2 dni temu
This channel is older than me
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Dzień temu
Valerie ♥
Valerie ♥ 2 dni temu
Welcome to the new guy!
Dylan Polath
Dylan Polath 2 dni temu
i wish i was high on potenuse
shelby criswell
shelby criswell 2 dni temu
yall need to start hiring some physicists for stuff like this lmao
Pik pak
Pik pak 2 dni temu
OML U GUYS MADE THIS VID ON MY B-DAYYYYYYYYYYY To others who watch this shout out to #Vat19 if u don’t know them and Tysm Vat19 I really like this vid this is AMAZING I could give it at least a (10/10)or(20/20)or(1000000/100000) You guys are the best channels in the whole wide world tysm to u guys.
It’s wimpy!
It’s wimpy! 2 dni temu
*Who else ever tried going to their first video but couldn’t comment?*
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee Dzień temu
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