To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...

Alex Meyers
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To All the Boys I've Loved Before animation
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Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
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Aug 28, 2018




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Komentarze 8 825
Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers Rok temu
Hope you guys loved the video! I've heard the book is better than the movie. What do you think? Remember, you can get 30 days free from Scribd if you want to read or listen to it! Sign up here:
Chidinma Jude
Chidinma Jude 11 dni temu
Could you review Dynasty?
Ifrah Kamal
Ifrah Kamal 14 dni temu
Way was so dumb
Caleb Clidence
Caleb Clidence 20 dni temu
It looks stupid
Caleb Clidence
Caleb Clidence 20 dni temu
After I got down watching this video I got a ad for a movie called “Trevor and the virgin 2” maybe you could do a video over that movie and the first one
Ramisa Chowdhury
How old are you
Celia Ross
Celia Ross 7 godzin temu
okay but what movie is a masterpiece then
Tara 2 dni temu
This movie is the only Netflix teen rom-com I like 😂
Christeena Abraham
Do love Alaska qhen it comes out
Olivia McCarthy
Olivia McCarthy 4 dni temu
Is no one going to talk about how uncomfortable 8:25 was 😳
ben hemmens
ben hemmens 4 dni temu
lets talk about pee.....
Mikayla Hicks
Mikayla Hicks 5 dni temu
i don't think it was that bad i love that movie
Jenic Darling
Jenic Darling 6 dni temu
Anyone else here have trouble telling Josh amd Peter apart? They could play twins! Saw Pretty much it video on it and they titled it, To all the boys that look identical! Lmao least they agree with me
Jessieshadow 123
Jessieshadow 123 6 dni temu
I died when he played teenage mutant ninja turtles on the boom box!
Robert Arth
Robert Arth 7 dni temu
iamanorange 8 dni temu
Tbh to all the boys I loved before was actually really good. Yeah, it was a bit predictable but like it wasn’t ENTIRELY cliché. I mean, the acting was good. The characters were relatable, Lara Jean wasn’t like oblivious and naive, and Peter wasn’t a dick, he was actually a really nice guy. And the story was understandable. She loved her best friend, he wanted to get back at his ex. They saw an opportunity and they took it. Maybe irl they wouldn’t “fake date” but everything else I could see happening.
Le Confuzzlement
Le Confuzzlement 9 dni temu
Lara Jean's dad: No hands. Me: No hands? Better cut off your hands bro 🤣 Alex: _Actually cuts off one of his hands_
Unique Kowal
Unique Kowal 9 dni temu
The Unknown Person
The Unknown Person 10 dni temu
You think way too much about these
Fat Potato
Fat Potato 10 dni temu
I heard Alex Meyers is stupid and doesn’t make any sense
Katie lee
Katie lee 11 dni temu
Don’t talk rubbish about Insatiable
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 12 dni temu
Trust me, if you don't kiss your boyfriend the only thing that will ever happen is all his guy friends will tell him to brake up with you or try and convince him to force you to kiss him
Emily Maxwell-moodie
I love that movie
Gisabo 12 dni temu
Yep...all we know about Josh is he would drink pee if he had to
KeybladeMasterAndy 12 dni temu
Honestly, the title made me expect some sort of ham-fisted "feminist" message, but this seems okay enough.
Thfjhgykbgf Fbvjfghjkh
LARA not laura
Seraph Sephiroth
Seraph Sephiroth 16 dni temu
This movie was bad and forgettable. They also couldnhsve completely cut out the older sister and the BF and gotten a better movie.
dragon wing
dragon wing 16 dni temu
Why does Josh give me creepy stalker vibes?
Cara Gallagher
Cara Gallagher 16 dni temu
when you were describing the guys you forgot the dad that makes you cut off your hands
bitchescangame duh
bitchescangame duh 16 dni temu
Noah is just something else I swear
Farzana Yasmin
Farzana Yasmin 17 dni temu
Wait is that Aidan from sex and the city gosh he is still so handsome
elma vehabovic
elma vehabovic 17 dni temu
2:00 "hi jessica, you smell like strawberry's'' hahahaha that was funny lmao
Darby Rosetta
Darby Rosetta 18 dni temu
u have to stand outside my room And play the song that played when we first kissed TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES
a girl.
a girl. 18 dni temu
don't waste your time on the movie. Read the books instead, they're really entertaining. It took me two days to read each book.
Patrick Giangiordano
Her reaction to the girl being like "You kissed my boy" is A----------. "It was spin the bottle you psycho!" I DIED
Godisa_ Grande
Godisa_ Grande 18 dni temu
Can u do stranger things
Haughty Gamer
Haughty Gamer 19 dni temu
no one: the people who are fan only because Noah’s in it: *”nO iTs Not”*
Evie Sanderson
Evie Sanderson 19 dni temu
When u know it’s LARA JEAN not LAURA JEAN
Caleb Clidence
Caleb Clidence 20 dni temu
I was hoping you would have said 9:01 pm
Dahlia Fahmy
Dahlia Fahmy 21 day ago
These videos are killing me
Average.diiva 22 dni temu
Ellie DeCoursey
Ellie DeCoursey 23 dni temu
I know you’ve done several videos for Riverdale and Twilight and I was thinking maybe you could do another Glee video. The first one was really funny and since you don’t seem afraid to get into the gay stuff I think it would be cool to dive into the gay stuff of Glee. Which is honestly 80% of the show.
Chandler Burse
Chandler Burse 23 dni temu
" Have you tried Mountain dew recently that stuff is gross." Me: *Subskrybujs so i can unsubscribe for that statement then resubscribes* Edit: I actually did this.
Sumaiya Thornhill
Sumaiya Thornhill 23 dni temu
Did u actually have ur first kiss listening to that
C Salmon
C Salmon 23 dni temu
can u do inception, the maze runner or avatar.
Cupcakezrul 24 dni temu
9:10 I swear everytime I see Josh literally emerge out of nowhere like “sHe asKed yOu to LeAve buDdY” lmao where did you come from and how long were you there for 😂😂
Shartish Muthu
Shartish Muthu 24 dni temu
"No hands. It's not that kind of a party, but alright you're the boss." *Shingggg*
Holly Boling
Holly Boling 25 dni temu
He should try Dismissed
Jirah Beech
Jirah Beech 26 dni temu
Mark Ruffalo oh I though is name was hulk
Heather G
Heather G 26 dni temu
I like how he edits out some of the main plot points, like that LJ kissed Peter first, or that they were totally making out in the hot tub, or that (biggest point here) said make up in the hot tub was recorded and while you could definitely see LJ you couldn't really see their bodies and context and all, it defiantly looked like they were doing the old *Devil's Tango* in the hot tub, which then got posted and she got harassed at school for it.
Preslee Rogers
Preslee Rogers 28 dni temu
8:25 has me dead 😂
Soul Matter
Soul Matter 28 dni temu
edgelord mcmullet .. is that a real gamertag lol
Anessa Benavides
Anessa Benavides 28 dni temu
3:36 my next love letter
Bedroom Bunny
Bedroom Bunny 29 dni temu
Everyone is talking about the problems in this and the only thing I can think was "Is that Mona from Pretty Little Liars?" I need help.
Ari Cat
Ari Cat 29 dni temu
Okay so I agree with most of your videos but this video no.
Dead 29 dni temu
do you guys watch the movie first or read the book first?
gloria marie
gloria marie 29 dni temu
If you liked the movie you’ll love the books! If you’re into that kind of stuff lol
PurpleUniverse 29 dni temu
My best friend made me watch this
haji haji
haji haji Month ago
I actually do like this movie, I expected to just get bored of it and dislike it, but it turned out to be good IMO. Imma gonna binge Riverdale, Tall girl, The Kissing Booth, Swiped and the Perfect date to torture myselfm
mimi Rox
mimi Rox Month ago
can you do a video on diary of a wimpy kid????? plz
Ilyas Md. Amin
Ilyas Md. Amin Month ago
I mean compared to the kissing booth and tall girl this is actually orcar worthy. Like I actually liked this movie compared to the others
Rina Malka
Rina Malka Month ago
This should be called Alex mispronounces Lara Jean's name for 14 minutes.
Sarah Morris
Sarah Morris Month ago
“Nothing. And *dEePlY sEnSeTiVe*”
The Squished Hat
Good girls like bad guys...who stay up till 930 😱
shalom kids
shalom kids Month ago
Why am I watching this when I really wanna read the book?
schafter - bigos (feat. Taco Hemingway)
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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alex meyers compilation

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