Twilight doesn't make any sense...

Alex Meyers
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
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Oct 9, 2018




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Komentarze 14 771
mashiat zabin afra
mashiat zabin afra Godzina temu
I watched the first movie and I knew it will be the worst thing i've ever seen
PrincessA 4 godzin temu
I feel like it’s a trend to hate on twilight but I didn’t hate it at all growing up and although it’s roastable (as all movies are) I don’t think it’s bad :(
Gracey Brooks
Gracey Brooks 11 godzin temu
OMG funniest man alive No Doubt
No Name
No Name 12 godzin temu
I used to find Edward not at all attractive but reading the books made me go blind and fall in love with him oaky but now after watching this movie, holy crap he talks like he"s constipated
CR Marsh
CR Marsh 17 godzin temu
Daniel Ethan
Daniel Ethan Dzień temu
I’d rather watch Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
Jennifer Druidhill
Jennifer Druidhill Dzień temu
all you said is true .....but still love Twilight , november 16 is Twilight marathon day. and I love Jasper not Edward
BellaLoona Dzień temu
When Edward went into the sun I started singing Shinny (from Moana)
Dennis Njenga
Dennis Njenga Dzień temu
Normal colors 💥 filters😂
Cheyenne Weston
Cheyenne Weston 2 dni temu
Honestly this sucks for Robert, such talent wasted on... whatever this mess is
Jazzmine Gerace
Jazzmine Gerace 2 dni temu
I can’t watch the Teen Wolf one. It says it’s blocked in my country. I live in the US
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase 2 dni temu
Bella: I know what you are Edward: say it Hagrid: *bursts in* yer a wizard Cedric
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase 2 dni temu
had to give myself a like because I'm just that petty
It'sIndia 2 dni temu
Twilight is shit but pretty little liars is the bessssst
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer 3 dni temu
for people who are trying to keep the fact that they're vampires a secret, they aren't doing a great job at hiding it.
Abbigail Martin
Abbigail Martin 3 dni temu
I don't care how weird the movie is I love it .
Amy Scott
Amy Scott 3 dni temu
I’m obsessed with TVD so this just triggers me, VAMPIRES DON’T GLOW/SPARKLE!!
Xehanort10 Dzień temu
Depends on the type of vampire and the series they're in. Some burn in the sun and others can walk out in it but lose their powers during the day. None of them sparkle though.
Natalia Basiladze
Natalia Basiladze Dzień temu
Amy Scott Even if you weren’t you would know that they don’t sparkle in sunlight. In every vampire story ever they burn under sun!
Axsins Anynomous
Axsins Anynomous 4 dni temu
I all can say about Twilight is Awkwardness is limitlessly
It’s Trish Da Unicorn
Phew..all the HP comments are comforting me
Alayna Diaz
Alayna Diaz 5 dni temu
Every time he casually mentions that he was following her she just casually glazes over that statement
tyler hilpisch
tyler hilpisch 5 dni temu
if Edward doesn't age, how come no one notices that he does not age or grow throughout the school years
Johanna Bothur
Johanna Bothur 5 dni temu
So, I'm german=I watched it in german lol. But it's sooo muuch morge cringie in german. The voices are Jdjdjsiwjbebebvd and oh lord that was an weird Halloween w/ my friends. Just saying....
The Poor Gamer
The Poor Gamer 6 dni temu
bell: you just push a van away with ur hand edward: i have autism and a iridocycliyits
Jen Heart
Jen Heart 6 dni temu
I hate those movies.
Katreen 6 dni temu
2:28, alex creates the original vibe check
OOFIE CHAN 6 dni temu
Bella: Everyone else: *H I Y O U R E T H E N E W G I R L R I G H T ?*
Angelina Foster
Angelina Foster 6 dni temu
for someone who doesn't like twilight, he sure has a bunch of twilight related sponsors
vnnaira 6 dni temu
ok but like.... jasper tho 👀
How did Edward get Bella pregnant if he has no organs...? Also... if he has no blood, I’m sure making love is not enjoyable at all...
Hannah Michelle
Hannah Michelle 6 dni temu
is anyone else’s favorite character Charlie? no?...just me?.... aight
Clarylua 6 dni temu
Omg she is a terrible actress She is 100% with that almost trowing up face!!!
ampclan elite
ampclan elite 6 dni temu
Twilight's new name Creepy 109 year old man keeps going to high school so he can fuck underage girls
Chandler Sun
Chandler Sun 7 dni temu
correct me if im wrong, both actors are gay right?
maya9520 maya9520
Bella: I know what your are.... Edward : What am I? Bella : Your my stalker.. *Suspense music goes on * DUN DUN DUNNNN...……...
maya9520 maya9520
Bella: I know what your are.... Edward : What am I? Bella : Your a wizard Cedric!!
Nela Cahová
Nela Cahová 7 dni temu
10:21 i'm dying
Lily Pad
Lily Pad 7 dni temu
Bruh you said nothing about the buildup to the conflict or the siblings of Edward? Bruh.........
asia 8 dni temu
This was the cringiest movie ever
Tea Toncinic
Tea Toncinic 8 dni temu
Listen here bro I like this movie since it came out. 😁
Amira Fdh
Amira Fdh 8 dni temu
he dragged twilight like that ....
Alexandra Windfeather
This is cringey Very.. I watched the movies with my friend because she was like "you NEED to watch them" And I dont remember anything since it was long ago and didnt really care I hate romance and whatever can happen (i even hate seeing men shirtless, i know, what am I, that's what many people tell me. ) so basically no teen movies or anything are my taste Yeah no I'm cringing hard..
Kennedy McCoy
Kennedy McCoy 9 dni temu
Dude this movie is SO trash
Kirsty Dravitzki
Kirsty Dravitzki 9 dni temu
10:25 is me playing Bella or any character in anything
crescentcreme 9 dni temu
im on team cedric 😪
Abbie Louise
Abbie Louise 10 dni temu
People always say that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are bad actors because if Twilight but if you've read the books you'll actually see that they're great actors because the characters are really like this. Even Robert hated being Edward because the writing was so bad. When it comes to Twilight, hate characters and the writing, not the actors because they actually pulled it off.
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
Kristen Stewart is a bad actress. Even in films that aren't the Twilight series she still gives the same emotionless performance. When she's playing characters who are supposed to be really emotional she plays them like they're dead to all feeling.
London street
London street 11 dni temu
Cesar Salad
Cesar Salad 12 dni temu
They are stairing at eachother because they are inlove, and why be so hateful, it's horrible.
Xehanort10 10 dni temu
They're not in love. Bella only likes Edward because of his looks, because he sparkles and because she wants to fuck him. And he's not only obsessed with her and wants to control her he also mistook wanting to drink Bella's blood with wanting Bella herself. Him creepily staring at her as he tries to read her mind is not loving.
gacha existing 101
gacha existing 101 12 dni temu
Me: *sees the filipino flag* Other girls in this movie:OMG ITS EDWARD COHEN Me:wtf Other girls in this movie: what is wrong it is just a flag Me:AM I A JOKE TO U F**K YOU WERE IS MA SLIPPERS Edwin Issa creep
DyingForCookies 12 dni temu
9:30 I actually could imagine myself do this for quite a time (or maybe going to university) if I was a vampire ... I just finished school and damn I freaking miss it. And I think everyone can agree to that who had a nice school life honestly ... especially since you now have to work and like working is a lot harder and more monotone than high school or university could ever be
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas 12 dni temu
bella and edward are both ugly af fact
Mehak Raza
Mehak Raza 12 dni temu
While the plot of the movie is shitty you know what really got on my nerves, the whole blue filter thing going on with. Like the whole movie is filmed with the shitiest blue filter that gives that miserable rainy day vibes
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
It also makes everybody look paler than they already are.
random tings
random tings 12 dni temu
1:33 Its Cedric digoy in his afterlife
VAPX007 12 dni temu
Gawd this movie is STILL so cringe-awful. I like you, Alex, but I can't STAND this movie.
JiminieKookieYah JinnieWorldwideHandsome
B-But i love twilight...i just watched all the movies and like...i love it. No hate on all the movies, actors and actresses, and me pls...
JiminieKookieYah JinnieWorldwideHandsome
Ugh. I'm not. I JUST watched the movie and i LOVED it. I am not OBSESSED that fast u bitch. Now go start hating on someone that should be hated and not me CUZ IM NOT OBSESSED jeez such an idiot
Xehanort10 6 dni temu
No. You're just obsessed with it. Whenever a fangirl says "I love" they really mean "I'm obsessed with" because they don't know the difference between obsession and love. All hate on all the movies.
Kvell Salvana
Kvell Salvana 13 dni temu
Bella: *What if my fingers...Had fingers!?* Me: *WTF is wrong with you, Alex!?*
Kirsten Gutierrez
Kirsten Gutierrez 13 dni temu
come and help me. vampires are dead right. so how the fuck did they have sex and made a baby?!
Xehanort10 10 dni temu
They don't. Meyer pulled the "venom works the same way as sperm" thing out of her ass. In much the same way as saying Edward couldn't read Bella's mind because she supposedly had a "mind shield" Meyer just made shit up as she went along instead of establishing any lore and rules in the series.
Tilly Firth
Tilly Firth 14 dni temu
Soooooo Edward's car isn't a Volvo 😡
Kendyl Jensen
Kendyl Jensen 14 dni temu
I love your videos, I’m dying 😂😂
muzan mhaa
muzan mhaa 14 dni temu
cedric ,Lisa,shark boy ,tone lee
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 14 dni temu
“Who’s he?” That, my dear, is Bruce Wayne.
OhSnap ItsMe
OhSnap ItsMe 14 dni temu
Bro I can’t see the teen wolf video 😭
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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