Tyler Perry, Oprah & More At The Star-Studded Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening Gala! | BET@

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Oprah, Will Packer, Rep Maxine Waters, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson and more praise Tyler Perry for his accomplishments at the grand opening gala of the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta!
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Oct 7, 2019




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Komentarze 2 087
Robin Nelson
Robin Nelson 11 godzin temu
I love this
Aireen Preston
Aireen Preston 14 godzin temu
iam so proud of tyler perry as if he was my son
Aireen Preston
Aireen Preston 14 godzin temu
u always want ur enemies to live 2 c ur accomplishments that will give them something else to talk about thats how u do it Ha Ha Ha
MVE 15 godzin temu
Next time, a huge film studio for and by only Asians, then one for and by only Muslims, then one for and by only Native Americans etc etc 😞
Andre Webb
Andre Webb 15 godzin temu
If you all think there will be ANY black strength coming out of that studio y'all crazy. You can't trust Him!
Shimron Netia
Shimron Netia 16 godzin temu
8:01- thet man therein dark glasses is so pr0ud.. lOVE FROM Africa
Mjb Mjb
Mjb Mjb 17 godzin temu
So its going to be all day my son gotta watch commercials about a grown BLACK man in a dress, more blacks on drugs, baby momma everywhere, oh let's not mention the guns, molestation ohhh I bet he thro a couple police violence in shows to, so look out black people more stereotype coming your way, oh and the number one thing is segregation I kno its TV but it might be a confused young black or white man confused but I'm sure Tyler will show the which side they supposed to be on
dee abbott
dee abbott 17 godzin temu
Such a great moment in history right here.
Erik Morales
Erik Morales 20 godzin temu
Where was wendy Williams?! She should be there she is black entertainment.
Taurean Spaniard
Taurean Spaniard 21 hour ago
Look out Hollywood now you got competition YESSSSS GO TYLAR !
Taurean Spaniard
Taurean Spaniard 21 hour ago
This is better than being in the W.H. because Tylar Perry has open the Gate for Black Actors , Actresses & future Artist also teach future directors ect.
Shadell S
Shadell S 21 hour ago
Who ever “disliked” this video. You’re a HATTTTTTTEEEEERRRRRRR LMAO, Congrats Tyler ❤️
AllaboutYAH 23 godzin temu
Oprah shucho problematic, mammy as up!
Nina Simone
Nina Simone 23 godzin temu
G Rated
G Rated 23 godzin temu
Truly the Walk of Fame..Its Truly a whole new world you just made the world of Rozrywka a better place. looking forward all the greatness coming out of this next adventure.
Jamie K
Jamie K 23 godzin temu
It has nothing to do with being black it has everything to do with making something of yourself and putting in the effort..... sorry to all those who thought hes just going to employ anyone just because of the color of their skin... he wants talent!
Planet Freedom
Planet Freedom Dzień temu
Amazing that's a real men must do
D. Dzień temu
watching this makes me feel soo powerful. i'm so inspired and proud in this moment. i pray one day i can contribute to the world like this. (and hopefully work for tyler one day soon!)
mommadw2010 Dzień temu
I am totally,exited and proud of him taking all the negative and building strength to show the world it can be done. do not let those with nothing tell you, you can't. He does not need validation. I am forever proud of you.
LANDONS POV Dzień temu
Vonte Brown
Vonte Brown Dzień temu
This is pure inspiration for the culture
Mr X
Mr X Dzień temu
I would like for Tyler Perry to make a movie on how we as black people started out as rulers of the civilized world and how we ended up in this condition today... We will be back on top‼️. It was written
mable doyle
mable doyle Dzień temu
Tyler Perry you are a blessing to the black races
Brenda Minor
Brenda Minor Dzień temu
Not only does Tyler hire many blacks actors and actresses but he hire all races and culture for his TV shows.
TTSantiago821 Dzień temu
Bluerosefire Dzień temu
Que_Rico Dzień temu
Much love to this man. If you're reading this, make your dreams happen!
Mr. World Free
Mr. World Free Dzień temu
Is it me or does Byron Allen resemble the late John Singleton.
Margaret Hudson
Margaret Hudson Dzień temu
The universe is truly, angry, releasing billions upon billions of the murdered black spirits to revolve around the earth cycles only to return.
angela mcgee
angela mcgee Dzień temu
Congrats Tyler perry
Benjamin Ely
Benjamin Ely Dzień temu
The gospel of rags and riches talkin.... about Isaiah 55:1 Ho of the Bible old King James Bible equal Og Kings of the Bible equal original generation Equal Negro Nati/ E Equal Nation
German Shepherd
German Shepherd Dzień temu
A real holy ghost filled,speaking in tongues with TD Jakes, Tyler Perry.......🤔🤔🤔
Benjamin Ely
Benjamin Ely Dzień temu
The gospel of go spel His story of Historia of Let's make man in our image of Government Governor of Geverness of go spel of the old King James Bible of A around the world of Adam and Eve born again of male and female
acay Dzień temu
Keep praying for Tyler Perry. That he remains humble, focussed and not distracted by this success and others. Pray that he is discerning and that he's guided by wisdom.... God's wisdom so that he is never blind-sided.
Benjamin Ely
Benjamin Ely Dzień temu
The gospel of And Eve of Cain Slewed Abel of Cocaine Slewed my Abel breakfast lunch and dinner table
Benjamin Ely
Benjamin Ely Dzień temu
The gospel of ghetto preaching project teaching
Benjamin Ely
Benjamin Ely Dzień temu
The gospel of Eli must restore all things of generation Equal Negro Nati E equal Nation of Go spel Government equal Negro M Evnt of Governor Equal Negro Ovr laws of the land of the old King James Bible equal President Equal Priest Den of Go spel Governess equal Negro s Vs
3:12 bruhhh look at how she looks at him. *That is love right there*
Cecile Povich
Cecile Povich Dzień temu
Nothing can stop this. It is clean all the way.
Keylon Polk, Jr.
Keylon Polk, Jr. Dzień temu
This makes me have hope for our country and what is yet to come 😁
Sean John
Sean John Dzień temu
White Americans isn't having this, we got to pray for Tyler Perry because something is brewing in the air to diminish his accomplishments.
JJune Dzień temu
This is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Side note: Po Michelle Williams, baby girl always taking an L, get your hair together girlllll😂💀.
Helen Boula
Helen Boula Dzień temu
My microphone is messing up Oprah and Tyler Perry or lying about their fem company there in a Eastpointe they purchased the place I think it was over 300 acres it was called Fort McPherson military base it was located and is located on lee and Campbellton Road East Point Georgia never was it a slave Camp it has always always was a military base I have been there many times for dinner dances to the Officers Club again they're lying to you it was never a slave Camp not even in the 1800's even thinner with military base check it out lights camera action.
E.vicious Fifa king
And Mr. Perry can we finally and I'll mean finally have a future fantasy movie with action and Sci effects cause everything we see those Marvel's movies the black ppl are irrelevant to the story for once I'd want to make our on futuristic movie
E.vicious Fifa king
On one hand I cussed this man about wearing a dress and I'm still holding him to that but dam I must say he had dream and he went with it. I'm proud of his accomplishments now Mr Tyler Perry please throw away that dam dress and just be a G and I salute you brotha
Mr L wiseman
Mr L wiseman Dzień temu
Oprah is so brainwash, she always says crap like, " this studio, wasn't built only for black ppl, but everybody. It's sad Oprah was never 100% for African ppl, she's always been for every other race first. So sad, ppl like Oprah are not for Nubian ppl first
Ok Then
Ok Then Dzień temu
Gotta give Tyler Perry props for this.. extraordinary achievement... I love that I live in Atlanta.. and I go to the studio all the time... I saw the White House being made they just finished it .,, I have a truck route in downtown Atlanta.. this studio is right in the west end right in THE HOOD!!!!! The feeling that you feel when you go thru those gates.,,, I just love it... kudos Tyler Perry
Sbusiso mtungwa
Sbusiso mtungwa Dzień temu
kavin hart missed this1 quick recovery boy
Tina Monique
Tina Monique Dzień temu
You gooooooooo Tyler Perry🤑🤑🤑💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💓💙💓👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
aC GrAnT
aC GrAnT Dzień temu
No matter what anyone says about Tyler and Oprah, they are true leaders and visionaries. Monique should have followed their leaders and taken the words of wisdom. She and daddy are empty vessels making the loudest noise. Still begging Netflix to pay her more when she could have produced and created her own.....but hey she took daddy’s advice lol
Moon DogSic
Moon DogSic Dzień temu
Thank you Tyler Perry for inspiring future young artist throughout the entertaiment business.We as a people need this Ithank you.
bhambatha kamanciza
Not a fan of his movies but this is just GREAT!
Marius P
Marius P Dzień temu
whoopi goldberg looking like she's 40 - amazing
California Cowboy
California Cowboy Dzień temu
All this black excellence at once. 🥰 love see my people looking beautiful and showing the power we have build
Raymand Doks
Raymand Doks Dzień temu
Will Packer erm, Anthony Hamilton,.. twins? Lol
willy zachel jr.
willy zachel jr. Dzień temu
Where is the Michael Jackson sound stage? Did they forget about him, paving the way for this all
Alfredo Bartlett
Alfredo Bartlett Dzień temu
Black panther 2 should be filmed there. To make a historic mark in the film industry for African Americans.
Simma Yu
Simma Yu Dzień temu
He out did oprah
Simma Yu
Simma Yu Dzień temu
Everybody talks about opening doors for black people and giving back to the community he actually did it. He walked the walk. Much respect.
L W Dzień temu
Oprah looks a damn mess
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