UFC 243: Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Don't miss what the main event fighters had to say after the main event showdown from UFC 243!
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Oct 6, 2019




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Komentarze 6 171
Malik West
Malik West 8 godzin temu
Anyone else thought the book and pen reference was to Naruto killer bee...
AD Drizzy
AD Drizzy 9 godzin temu
Great fight ✔
Renat Original
Renat Original Dzień temu
Renat Original
Renat Original Dzień temu
Parishith Kp
Parishith Kp Dzień temu
"it is ALL OVER"
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 Dzień temu
I only respect two champ's Robbie Lawler, and Amanda Nunez super active champ's. these Other fighters get on top they go shoot a movie or make a album and take months off they should fight at least twice a year.
Luis Alfredo Camacho Quezada
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Ligar Tig
Ligar Tig Dzień temu
Haha a little nation like New Zealand. We are the definition of excellence in this world.
Benjamin Trezise
Benjamin Trezise 2 dni temu
Izzy is a great fighter but total douchebag personality. Hope Cannonier gets his chance and destroys adesanya
The Nigerians are a great people! And unsurprisingly, they honor their elders. Respect from a Chinaman!
Roman GD
Roman GD 2 dni temu
Saying hes made his nose bleed this and that, dude respect your opponent... I don't think theres anyone more genuine and nicer than Whittaker in the UFC the least you could do is shake the guys hand or show your respects, BIG FAN of Adesanya but this side of him put me off big time, stop being so Cocky
faez hendra
faez hendra 2 dni temu
nigga got kocky
Hezekiah Opadeyi
Hezekiah Opadeyi 2 dni temu
I am proud of you Israel(name implies) a proper Naija guy
Pm N
Pm N 2 dni temu
Is he from Nigeria? If he is then is he one of the 5000 Nigerian who ran all night to chase after Bruce Willis and his SEAL team in Tears of the Sun?
John Mcmanaman
John Mcmanaman 2 dni temu
both guys are special
RiK Rivine
RiK Rivine 3 dni temu
A knock out visual miracle - Krumped on his ass
RiK Rivine
RiK Rivine 3 dni temu
His KickBoxing is on a whole other level. Dawmm, and he in his prime.... We will see 20-0 soon. 💯💯💯
John Turner
John Turner 3 dni temu
Young demon 🔥💯adesanya the next J.J🙌nz baby
Vinh Pham
Vinh Pham 3 dni temu
1:31 watches one episode of Top Boy
Truetalk 3 dni temu
Israel aka ayabiekun, good job you've made us proud most especially your parents, 9ja no dey carry last , yoruba culture forever.
AreLL Lio
AreLL Lio 3 dni temu
What a dick 🤦🏽‍♂️
Charlie Ison
Charlie Ison 3 dni temu
Since Floyd like to fight MMA fighters, how about fighting this guy😜😂💤
Ross Millington
Ross Millington 3 dni temu
I love izzys style and watching him fight is such a treat, i knew he would beat Whittaker (love Whittaker too), but i do just cringe a bit when he focuses so much on what his "haters" say, like the first thing he does after winning is do a caricature of people saying he doesnt have knock out power. He seems so concerned with proving people wrong, just comes off as a bit childish, but then again I can't complain, his motive seems to be fueling him pretty well. A great fighter none the less
Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas 3 dni temu
"All class" Whittaker jeep your head up. Good things are coming. The only way to rise is to fall
Breast Milk Alabama
Winner of Kevin gassulem vs till should fight Romero for intern title
giggityeffyou 3 dni temu
I felt bad for Anik, trying to grab the mic back from Whittaker like 4 times lmao
Leeroy Pietersen
Leeroy Pietersen 3 dni temu
Lmao he ain't shit ...the guys this dude is fighting are average .. Go fight Jon and let's see!
El Flores
El Flores 3 dni temu
Kelvin DEFINITELY would've knocked Whittaker out too. Would like to see it again but Costa is knocking Isreal out.
D Swizzy
D Swizzy 4 dni temu
He’s so damn annoying, just take the win and shut your mouth
Ahmedullah Abubakar
Let this type fight against real legend Khabib "The Eagle"
Still Stevenson
Still Stevenson 4 dni temu
Adesanya is gonna lose one day and he will get humiliated badly!!! Step up with Jones! Do it and Bones is gonna deform your small skinny face!!!
Wilson Robinson
Wilson Robinson 3 dni temu
Hahaha, haters
noneh havea
noneh havea 4 dni temu
Isreal you did us kiwis proud 🇳🇿👌🏾
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 4 dni temu
Why was the interview chopped up?
joako qlo
joako qlo 4 dni temu
Remember those bums saying he couldn't ko silva?? Lol I always knew that was straight respect to the legend
Luis NgchongJrArt
any body out there thinks that Israel adesanya has a chance with nat diaz give it a thums up or down
Joshua Kang
Joshua Kang 5 dni temu
HAHAHAH it’s funny how the Whittaker pussies are so quiet now 😂
Joshua Kang
Joshua Kang 4 dni temu
Elijah .S I did not say “nobody” in my statement, did I?
Joshua Kang
Joshua Kang 4 dni temu
Elijah .S the ones who were talking shit
Elijah .S
Elijah .S 4 dni temu
So nobody can be a Whittaker fan or do you mean the ones who were talking shit?
David Cosmos
David Cosmos 5 dni temu
He disarm his enemies and made them feel silent while he took the belt home.hahaha.knock out power
CertainMan 5 dni temu
He should have at least went and consoled Whittaker after the fight
SupaFlyBoyZz699 5 dni temu
Someone plz knock his fake McGregor want to be out, cant stand this n!99@
Jah Clout
Jah Clout 5 dni temu
If Rob cant do it than who will 😂 and dont bring me up some random roided costa
ارطغرل الغازي
هل هو مسلم
Leon Cruz
Leon Cruz 5 dni temu
Seriously how can you not like Rob man? Great human
Safari Kawa
Safari Kawa 5 dni temu
Africans are here to take over
Tmc Lifestyle
Tmc Lifestyle Dzień temu
Farouq Katana
Farouq Katana 5 dni temu
Israel Adesanya should fight khabib or con macgregor 🔥🔥
Hannu Tauriainen
Hannu Tauriainen 5 dni temu
Legends says robert still at the arena 😂🤣
SpinksJinx 5 dni temu
Check out the gyno, yet another steroid abuser, seems common with Africans...hmmm.
Beatz Muaic
Beatz Muaic 5 dni temu
People saying how tough Gastelum is but what about Adesanya? These guys have been in the Ufc longer then him and he has proven to take every opponent out. Every fight he is in it looks like he is the champ and everyone else is new to Ufc
Рашид Байтахов
etienne kamenga
etienne kamenga 5 dni temu
Robert is strong but he's wild trowing punches without thinking of counter attack but israel is strong and very smart he's always in control of wild punches and can respond once you miss, see the 1st round was the first knockout but robert was saved by the bell .
SoA is better than TWD
"I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE", Pictograms to Jon Jones.
less kiss
less kiss 5 dni temu
Skinny power 😂
hen ko
hen ko 5 dni temu
Jynx 5 dni temu
still love the fact his brother is DBB from machete clan
BigmacSmallFries 5 dni temu
notice how the aboriginal doesn't shake hands or congratulate his opponent , explain a lot right?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 dni temu
My favorite part was when the one guy was punching the other dude.
less kiss
less kiss 5 dni temu
Where are the haters?????????
Shop Người Lớn Phút 89
Can he destroys Jon Jones?
Ant Dubel
Ant Dubel 5 dni temu
Israel stop acting like McGregor have respect you ain't that good
Elijah Rueda Parziale
Anyone else think Izzys dad looks like Dejis dad? Haha they both got that friendly ass look but congrats to Izzy even though I wanted Rob to win
N-Vegas TV
N-Vegas TV 6 dni temu
Nigerians are behind you bro...Congrants
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 5 dni temu
Kemet from kemita , hotep bro from mother land
Key Arimbi
Key Arimbi 6 dni temu
Black dragon the best
New Zealand
New Zealand 6 dni temu
Mean Izzy Mean
Jason Evans
Jason Evans 6 dni temu
New Zealander Whittaker beat up by Nigerian
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