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It’s time to get uncooperative. Vicious Circle is available now from Rooster Teeth Games! Win at all costs, but remember: What goes around, comes around.
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Aug 13, 2019




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Komentarze 350
Josh Evans
Josh Evans 2 dni temu
Anthem had a longer life than this, didn’t even think that was possible.
Sam A
Sam A 9 dni temu
Never knew this existed until I heard about the mass layoffs at RT! I hope the people that left all the best and land on their feet, this game looks awesome!
Squiggy 9 dni temu
Just checked, currently 6 players playing at the moment. Nice job guys, gave codes to your increased memberships and still can’t keep a playerbase lol
foofung 9 dni temu
theguyonaplane 9 dni temu
Aaaaaannnnd dead game
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
Aaaaaand its dead
Hezrou Dhiaga
Hezrou Dhiaga 10 dni temu
You guys look like you stole all the style from Wildstar x'D and even they failed. looks stupid.
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch 10 dni temu
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 10 dni temu
This looks like fun
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch 10 dni temu
it isnt, you can't even play anymore. the game is dead and only has 2 active players which isn't enough to start a match so it's unplayable.
john red
john red 10 dni temu
I hear this game is dead already.
Oblivious SD
Oblivious SD 7 dni temu
Thinking of browsing reddit to get the game anyone in
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
Clunge Smasher
Clunge Smasher 16 dni temu
LMAO how's your game doing guys? Money well spent making this steamer aaahahhaha!
Dino Digs
Dino Digs 21 day ago
Is it free?
Dino Digs
Dino Digs 10 dni temu
@thatguy mitch danm
MrZeldameister 23 dni temu
oof i think it save to say that this game died a terrible dead. some actual proper marketing might have helped
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 25 dni temu
So it’s like a multiplayer match from halo I can play over and over? 20 bucks isn’t bad. If DLC is less than 15, lol and I get an internet connection in my crappy apartment, I’ll be a huge fan
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 8 dni temu
Lumpy Gash buy and dead are relative terms, I tend to poke things with a fork a fair amount before I do either.
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
I really hope you didn’t buy it. The game is dead
Orka Month ago
It’s evolve?
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
Yes, really dead like evolve
I’m sweet
I’m sweet Month ago
You see I- the reason I’m watching this is because my teachers husband made this game and she’s giving out 10 keys to get this game for free 😳 I still can’t believe that her husband MADE this game I-
Brock Sampson
Brock Sampson Month ago
This needs to be on Xbox
West Cruz
West Cruz Month ago
I can hear Barbara's voice Lindsay voice and Jeff's voice am I missing someone from the main cast I'm actually tempted to play this game just to hear Jeff's voice lines
Fox Hero
Fox Hero Month ago
I would play this game if it wasn’t on steam.
Alexander Lab.
Alexander Lab. Month ago
With all due respect this is a terrible trailer. You guys have a live action department. Why not make a short skit with them?
BrokenDeadSou1 Month ago
Is this overwatch
cyburn twentytwelve
Borderlands meets Battleborn
Gushousekai195 Month ago
Rooster Teeth, of all people, making games and not just playing them. How is this possible? 😄
Hornet Month ago
Oh dope a fun new game to try! Oh it's only on PC and not console....
Hornet 9 dni temu
@Lumpy Gash sadface
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
Hornet the playerbase is super low. Almost non existant
Hornet 9 dni temu
@Lumpy Gash wym...?
Lumpy Gash
Lumpy Gash 9 dni temu
Hornet its dead
Kyvan Hu241n
Kyvan Hu241n Month ago
F O R T N I T E 3️⃣
vulpine spade
vulpine spade Month ago
Its only fun for a few rounds as you would expect from rt games
leBennu Month ago
I wanna play this! Any plans for ps4?
Gabriel Helmlinger
what the christ did i just watch?
A. Long
A. Long Month ago
Does anyone actually care?
Senritsu} {Jumpsuit
NK GAMING2017 Month ago
If yo showed me this video and got rid of anything except the voices (I wouldn’t realise) I would think roster speech made this game
Dragonhunter45 Month ago
Time to fight Rooster and Teeth
Maca Month ago
It's like Quake champs+borderlands graphics=this game
KomamuraSajin Month ago
Not even close to either of those examples.
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb Month ago
looks bro-tastic
gboi gamer
gboi gamer Month ago
eliteshyguy88 Month ago
1:13 He was simple farmer geoff!!
The Nerd-Bot
The Nerd-Bot Month ago
Betrayed by the thing he loves most.
SonofRiggnarok Month ago
Well that trailer gave me a headache.
Deadshot026 Month ago
Will it ever go on Xbox
Unlucky Nuck
Unlucky Nuck Month ago
And they wrapped up Grimm Eclipse sooo perfectly. Glad to see RT has their priorities in order.
slukman 18
slukman 18 Month ago
La la lalala-la la lalala-la
Legrand Month ago
Evolve but fast.
SonofRiggnarok Month ago
??? WHAT!?
gmann2101 Month ago
My favorite part is how the chicken clips through everything
Erick Zamudio
Erick Zamudio Month ago
It’s overwatch but more intense and new objectives
ttylbodydark Month ago
I get it but I’m also lost it’s hard to follow lol I need a slowed down clip or a clip following one person
Rafał Obrębski
Great game, very poorly designed trailer :(
Garry Courtney
Garry Courtney Month ago
So TF2 in Space, but there are no teams and it's every alien for themselves
Mister Martin
Mister Martin Month ago
Overwatch's ugly Cousin.
joey kirkpatrick
This looks awesome! :D
Cypher8_ Month ago
I got to play it at RTX. It was a lot of fun
Wolf5665 Month ago
Does anyone remember RWBY: Grim Eclipse? Development with that game went SO well. I love Rooster Teeth, but I don't trust their game dev team at all after they didn't finish RWBY
Mario Badia
Mario Badia 4 dni temu
All of their games are unfinished trash
Through Away
Through Away Month ago
rt games makes games that play like Mexican bootlegs
Callum Fox
Callum Fox Month ago
You know when you make something, and it makes perfect sense to yourself. But you show people and nobody gets it. It's a bit like this trailer.
pukeylukey199 Month ago
People should stick to what they know.
TheDragonaf1 Month ago
i'm so confused - the trailer doesn't say anything about what the game actually is? I honestly thought it was a new animated series, it looks like a clone of overwatch?
Mocking watermelons
Awesome another 20$ game that they are going to abandon
MonadoBoy Dzień temu
Mario Badia
Mario Badia 4 dni temu
Yep is completely dead
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch 10 dni temu
@Emiscary1 i think this was their last hope, if you have read the news they just fired a ton of staff. RIP
Emiscary1 10 dni temu
@thatguy mitch If they wanted this game to have any chance of succeeding they shoulda done something drastic weeks ago.
thatguy mitch
thatguy mitch 10 dni temu
@Emiscary1 only 2 now
marcus milton
marcus milton Month ago
This game has a lot of potential great job RT ^^
TJM99 Month ago
Oh my god i hear them
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Month ago
This game was basically made for Achievement Hunter. It's just chaos and betrayal.
C Nish
C Nish Month ago
This comment section seems to be made up of three things: people talking about the voices, people complaining about the game, or people confused on what the game is
RIPsuPerMan R4
RIPsuPerMan R4 Month ago
I pray to God this comes to Xbox
TheRealAlpha2 Month ago
Trailer has a lot of personality, unfortunately the gameplay isn't quite clear: You're being chased by a Chicken monster, pick up nuggets by defeating others, Opponents become monsters, evade, escape, Profit. On the surface that doesn't sound difficult to understand, but the trailer still seems to muddle that description somehow, maybe it's just the pacing.
Paladin Null
Paladin Null Month ago
It's kinda awkward, it feels like the achievement Hunter letsplays were the real trailer to help explain how the game works and this was supposed to be a tongue in cheek explanation for people who already know how the game works
Swivel Shivel
Swivel Shivel Month ago
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