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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jessica Vasami, and Barbara Dunkelman in episode 562 as they discuss car accidents, scammers, movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 16, 2019, sponsored by MeUndies (meundies.com/roosterteeth), ARX Whitening System (arcsmile.com, code ROOSTER), and Stamps.com (stamps.com, code ROOSTER). Join FIRST to watch episodes early: bit.ly/2uNNz0O
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Sep 18, 2019




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Komentarze 367
lilly anne
lilly anne Dzień temu
I don’t get Barbra’s lying down jjoke
Jaclyn m
Jaclyn m Dzień temu
My husband's car got hit in a parking lot, and hit another driver. we moved to a new state in May from Texas, it snowed for the first time here. A native of this ste, hit us coming into our apartment parking lot. He hit us so hard he hit the other person next to us. Both the damaged cars are from Texas.
GeoWizard 6 dni temu
Cheers for the mention Gavin!
Aaron Bui
Aaron Bui 4 dni temu
GeoWizard hi
Scandic 9 dni temu
had my first clan meeting in wales first time i went alone flying was great i learnt that you can acsedently book bristol inn and hotel and they find it weird when you ask for ice cream at 01:00 in cardiff
CorrieLejjena 9 dni temu
32:37 Dood. She's gorgeous.
Silver eye productions
I just click the like and dislike for 5 minutes
Spaffy Minge
Spaffy Minge 13 dni temu
Jessica is my WCW after my boo. Meow
Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh 13 dni temu
I saw James Veitch's Ted talk about messing with scammers, so now whenever I get a call from them I'll annoy them so they'll stop calling me... once my sis overheard me doing this, and she just started yelling "RAPH... I feel bad for her! She's just doing her job..." While I'm on the phone...
MitchCyan 14 dni temu
She’s pretty.
James Shepard
James Shepard 16 dni temu
RT: talks about technical camera stuff me (a videography student): ha ha i do that
shingofan 17 dni temu
1:05:24 My first thought was "It's like wiping a marker"
Teeleer 18 dni temu
The greater Vancouver area in BC Canada has lots of asian and indian food places. depending on where you are, it is a literal stones throw away from one indian/asian place to another indian/asian place, especially if you are in Surrey/Richmond
el gato
el gato 19 dni temu
1:04:40 This reminds me of george carlins bit about naming things
RedNeck_Zeus 19 dni temu
Not even an air marshal?
Kyo Bear
Kyo Bear 20 dni temu
My brother lived in Austin. Homeless and passed away under a bridge. We took care of everything after but yeah I felt this PodCast when hearing about how many. Need.. it's a problem but also hard to help them. I been want to go to SxSW just because he wanted to during his last years.
Ryan Barrett
Ryan Barrett 20 dni temu
Im a fan of Jessica now
Cecil 21 day ago
sleeping is a good way to get taller
Vladimir Saclolo
Vladimir Saclolo 21 day ago
I love Jessica on the podcast.
Deconverted Man
Deconverted Man 22 dni temu
tach239 11
tach239 11 22 dni temu
I have the same hairline as Jessica
Huff Huff
Huff Huff 22 dni temu
Jessica is upset that Gavin doesn't remember her in his life events because he is a Main Character in her life's story and she is a background character to him. That is the very first time in my life that I have ever seen a very attractive woman get friendzoned.
Michael Jepson
Michael Jepson 22 dni temu
Like the plane story and Tesla mentions animations they need one for Apple talk
ITsJustPain 22 dni temu
Sweet baby jesus, Jessica is breathtaking.
Its Sputnik
Its Sputnik 23 dni temu
since when did Grace Helbig dye her hair?
SentinalSlice 23 dni temu
I’ve seen the straight line video.
SentinalSlice 23 dni temu
Title occurs at 1:21:30
x Riizo
x Riizo 23 dni temu
Love seeing Jessica in content!
gkyfutfktxkd 23 dni temu
geowizard is the guy who walked across wales.
MrDash711 23 dni temu
These podcasts are becoming “I’ve got a story- oh wait I’ll just tell you after.”
Christian West
Christian West 20 dni temu
That's what a podcast is.
SHADOW 最高 23 dni temu
As usual Gavin cant speak english. lmao
Jordanakabana 24 dni temu
Well. I watched some Toe Bro and now I'm scarred.
JofinnSenpai 24 dni temu
Kitboga PogU
Large Force
Large Force 24 dni temu
pineapple express was made for stoners, if you didn't love it then you probably never got into a phase of life where you smoked daily. i got into smoking weed for about a year or so after i had already seen the movie like 3 or 4 times before but never truely appreciated it until i realised how accurate some of the jokes were
Niteraz aka Ok Ok
Niteraz aka Ok Ok 24 dni temu
Does Eric bug anyone else?
Last Name Awesome
Last Name Awesome 24 dni temu
Jessica is kinda lame. Idk.
Luckas Deccarrillo
Luckas Deccarrillo 24 dni temu
Dkdemen 24 dni temu
Whyy is gavin always zipping up his pants when the first wide shot after the intro gets on ?!?! seen it multiple times now!!
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon 20 dni temu
It's a running gag based on when Gavin used to use the bathroom at the last minute before sitting on the couch.
Christian NoName
Christian NoName 24 dni temu
56:26, when Jessica snapped, my ac turned off and it nearly scared me shitless
Travel with Ivan
Travel with Ivan 24 dni temu
...Queues The Holiday and Last Holiday on Prime Video..... I forgot how good the movies were!
Xargon Bloodscale
Xargon Bloodscale 24 dni temu
At the beginning, where Gus talks about his rear-ending: at least yours was nice and gentle, my car got totalled about two months back at a red light :v
Nicotine Nerves
Nicotine Nerves 24 dni temu
16:00 perfect harmoni
David Rosa
David Rosa 25 dni temu
You cannot give Gavin glass beer bottles he will spill them
tonyk421 25 dni temu
8675309 Evergreen State College Library🙄 last I checked lol
X- -X
X- -X 25 dni temu
Am I the only one that thinks Jessica is ridiculously gorgeous?
Me Brady
Me Brady 25 dni temu
Barb explaining what Trypophobia is triggering my Typophobia. My skin feels like there's caterpillars walking underneath my skin.
Jason Jimenez
Jason Jimenez 25 dni temu
53:35 “They GREEN LIT matrix four” I see what you did there gus
NerdzyXoXo 25 dni temu
At 1:27:24 they said they watched the matrix in school. I didn't technically watch it in school, but I had to watch it as part of my Religion and Ethics homework (from England)
AnthonySanchez99 25 dni temu
It’s so weird. I LITERALLY JUST started watching Kitboga like this week and they bring him up. Is this a simulation?
Jay Landymore
Jay Landymore 25 dni temu
Jessica has the smoothest voice ever! Please put her on more vids 🤓
F 25 dni temu
I literally just watched that Always Open too
kingSabertooth 25 dni temu
Is it me or does Jessica look like she could be related to Grace Helbig
Rob G
Rob G 21 day ago
that's it, I was thinking of who she reminded me of.
mindofmyown333 25 dni temu
“This episode is brought to you by Me Undies!” “What’s that smell?” “Me Undies”
Boyzby 26 dni temu
I don't know what it was about this episode but it felt kind of boring, which I don't think has ever happened to me in any of the previous times.
Violent Rainbow
Violent Rainbow 26 dni temu
I watched the matrix in school too and it scared me because I kept thinking it might be real
Saintly 26 dni temu
Get Jessica on more she's great
ImmortalInflames 26 dni temu
Matrix 2 & 3 get alot of hate, but I loved the 3 of the personally!
BearWithMe Asec
BearWithMe Asec 24 dni temu
ImmortalInflames 1 and 3 is pretty good, still holds up. 2 is trash
TheLasagne 26 dni temu
i only listened to this podcast previously and thought this was Jessica nigri
WoA.wait.wut. 26 dni temu
I Can’t believe at the beginning Barbra just spat out C2 puns
Aoifenix77 26 dni temu
59:31 Euphoria is a good anime, Its really different but after a while I really got into it
TheGarbage WOman
TheGarbage WOman 26 dni temu
Unpopular opinion, if there is little to no damage to a car, let it go 🤷🏽‍♀️
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