Who cares about Jay-Z’s music being played at Dolphins practice? - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Ros Gold-Onwude discuss Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores’ attempts to challenge WR Kenny Stills by playing Jay-Z’s music during practice.
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Aug 23, 2019




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Komentarze 1 655
dannyrighi 6 dni temu
Shouldn’t all be equals ??
FlyestSavageEver isawesome
I'll take Ros over Molly anyway of the week.
FlyestSavageEver isawesome
Ros is sexy asf! Whoever thinks Molly is hotter than Ros is a 🤡
Alfred Mccoy
Alfred Mccoy 21 day ago
Ros has a Great Future.....
Alfred Mccoy
Alfred Mccoy 21 day ago
I'm lost
619 MuleySlayen
619 MuleySlayen 22 dni temu
Max going off on the race card again..
iali00 22 dni temu
I don’t like black people being given cover to be racist against other black people. I think we need to start suing these black minstrels so the networks know we’re not gonna continue with hiring a few negros to say and do things that whites won’t be allowed to get away with it.
iali00 22 dni temu
Wow! She’s so bright and exposes the stupidity of Stephen A Smith. He’s a fucking minstrel. Only Michael Strahan and Shannon Sharpe are strong black men on sports tv that don’t sell out. Fuck Brian Flores being a house negro and already creating an excuse for later cutting and having Kenny Stills blackballed.
Richard Suarez
Richard Suarez 22 dni temu
Socialist are everywhere
SGT XJ427 23 dni temu
Trade stills
Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson 24 dni temu
Can't wait until week 1 when we'll have actually football to talk about. Love Ros though, she's gonna be one of mine in the afterlife
Gud Boi
Gud Boi 24 dni temu
Speaking of "power imbalance" how about 13% or the population committing 50% of the murder. How about 85% of hate crimes being committed by same group. Spoiler, it's not white people.
Damien Daniels
Damien Daniels 24 dni temu
How is splitting wins between Miami and NE FOR YEARS spanking either's butt.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 25 dni temu
First off lets make this clear. Jay-Z IS NOT A MUSICIAN!!!! He is not a composer and I seriously doubt he knows the difference between and E sharp and a B flat. I bet the extent of his "musical training" was ever more than possibly stealing from a Tower Records. It is an absolute CRIME to put this guy in the category of any true musician. He takes bits and pieces of OTHER peoples music and puts his lyrics to it with a lot of electronic manipulation. PERIOD. Todays young peoples taste in music and been watered down and filled in with a lot of bells and whistles to sound catchy. Majority of it is not music at all.
PrisonEarth 25 dni temu
Jay Z got probation for attempted murder
Lyrix Musiq
Lyrix Musiq 25 dni temu
To much politics what happen to Football?
CoolPapaCash 25 dni temu
It triggered the media. Stills didn't give a crap. They asked him about it, he said as much. Stop trying to make this about Kenny Stills or Flores. And yeah it was a very lame motivation tactic which obviously didn't work.
brian Lohse
brian Lohse 25 dni temu
Max is such.a brown noser.
The biggest loser in sports history
Sas is a fucking moron
Gregg Shields
Gregg Shields 26 dni temu
This dynamic is Super Fire!! I see you Ros 🔥💪🏾
GTR0K 26 dni temu
Ros was spot on, wow. See women can interrupt when they have valid points and can explain it. Even max missed the point imo
Ken Man
Ken Man 26 dni temu
Stephen sounds so ghetto when he talks.
Radical RIGHT
Radical RIGHT 26 dni temu
Lost black men and women are the biggest entertainment in America. All y'all are tokens.
FroGGy G
FroGGy G 26 dni temu
This woman is 10 times smarter than molly and she isnt annoying its time for molly to pull a andrew luck.
I need 1000 subs
I need 1000 subs 26 dni temu
That dude needs someone to explain how beards work. Adding chins is never the goal 🤦‍♂️
tom hanks
tom hanks 26 dni temu
omg espn is outta control with this shit bums jayz a sell out
Sergio Omar
Sergio Omar 26 dni temu
This is what goes on espn? Thank goodness i dont subscribe!
sld1776 26 dni temu
Max, you pathetic white liberal.
Michael Caraher Jr
Michael Caraher Jr 26 dni temu
J Z music sucks anyway,,, ESPN give some more of your programming time to people talking on camera,,,,
truestdude 27 dni temu
U're wrong, Rose! & here's why...
The Detroit Credit Queen 750
There are some Big Cry Baby NFL Players.... they ALL NEED TO MAN UP! People only treat you the way you allow them too.....
Jimmie Mccants
Jimmie Mccants 27 dni temu
She's way better than Molly
Marcus Sam
Marcus Sam 27 dni temu
Ros is really good...Molly is still the woman.
coogko moim
coogko moim 27 dni temu
“Chip Kelly can contaminate anything” 🤣🤣 Also, bye Molly!
human being on earth
Max is making sjw points when it comes to race.
southcentreal 27 dni temu
Im watching this. And Im so use to Molly interrupting every 90 seconds that Im waiting and expecting that Molly interruption and didnt get. So refreshing 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏽 W.
Feed Zeke
Feed Zeke 27 dni temu
Why does this always have to turn to race? STOP BLM IS OVER GET OVER IT FUCK. LET THEM PLAY FOOTBALL AND THATS IT
coogko moim
coogko moim 27 dni temu
These liberals are so offended about everything. You hate Jay-Z for joining with the NFL. You hate on a black coach for playing Jay-Z at practice because a 2B WR that took a
rwest1833_MGTOW 27 dni temu
NFL = a satanic ran institution played by godless satanists, who are owned by satanists and watched by the blind sheep of the world which is exactly why the pedophile infested cesspool you call hollowwood loves it so much........satanists love playing together
Alex C
Alex C 27 dni temu
Keep Ros Gold!!! @espn
ANB ZCMB16 27 dni temu
God please make some green and purple people so we can get off the white vs black thing!!!
David m
David m 27 dni temu
Molly who?? lol taking jokes form jerry
Dylan Jimenez
Dylan Jimenez 27 dni temu
He has more touchdowns anyone else on team last season suck a dick
Earl Williams
Earl Williams 27 dni temu
S.a.s is officially retarded
Bx Bully
Bx Bully 27 dni temu
Steven A been coonning lately, don't know if that's been normal because I don't listen to him much but let the women speak damn
monika laosi
monika laosi 27 dni temu
“Cuz we’re talking about the Miami dolphins 🐬 wat the hell have you done” 😁😄😁😄😁😄😁😄😁😄😁😄
Tenzin Choezin
Tenzin Choezin 27 dni temu
Please stick to strictly sports debates.Ppl come here to check sports news not politics or religion or identity debates.Every God damn day its race this race that.Just let a brother enjoy his short time off of work.
03blaird 27 dni temu
Ross is a smart cookie, lets hope espn actually has the balls to keep her!
Sound4daMasses1 27 dni temu
Uh oh Ros you know you can’t interrupt or share an opinion or you’ll be called annoying by firsttake viewers just ask Molly 🤷🏾‍♂️
monika laosi
monika laosi 27 dni temu
Please keep Ros on this show instead of Molly. She actually understands what she's talking about and doesn't sound horrible.
Raymond Acosta
Raymond Acosta 27 dni temu
stephen yell a don't get it or he does but is with it
Tray Day 216
Tray Day 216 27 dni temu
Fuck Jay Z
SomTo 27 dni temu
Stephen A. needs to start choosing when to say time-out. He saying it a whole lot more now..
Ll G
Ll G 27 dni temu
All I hear is Stephen A.'s tie.
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling 27 dni temu
These liberals are so offended about everything. You hate Jay-Z for joining with the NFL. You hate on a black coach for playing Jay-Z at practice because a 2B WR that took a knee has yet to do anything productive at practice.
304 Politics
304 Politics 27 dni temu
Who gets it do? TRUMP .
Gerard Williams
Gerard Williams 28 dni temu
It's like this...do you want to be a football player or an activist? Ros...keep adding value to the conversation!!!
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter 28 dni temu
Does colin kapernick know
Andres Grimace
Andres Grimace 28 dni temu
The Pats beating our ass??? As long as i can remember it has been 1-1.
Olvin Fuentes
Olvin Fuentes 28 dni temu
Where is Molly?
GnarbySZN🐍 28 dni temu
New girl think she molly 🤦🏽‍♂️
Yahbend t
Yahbend t 28 dni temu
Yes fellows feelings matter, I mean methods
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