Why Lisa Bonet & Cosby Fell Apart - Here's Why

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comedyhype.com/ - Lisa Bonet would entertain viewers for years as Denise Huxtable but her time with the show's creator Bill Cosby surprisingly wouldn't last. For a new 'Here's Why' we take a look at why Cosby and Bonet would fall out. Instagram: @HumorHype & Twitter: @HumorHype_ Beat by Yondo. Co-written by (Twitter: @dominicsmith_ x IG: @Mr.dominicsmith) & Jon Williams.




Sep 20, 2019




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Komentarze 1 774
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 15 godzin temu
Cosby was building a brand. And the character Denise was a part of that brand. He didn't stop her from being an actor and try a new roles. It just didn't fit the brand that he had built. Years later we only know her for the character Denise. So in the end was Cosby really wrong?
Aisha Mohammed
Aisha Mohammed Dzień temu
You are so racist. That is ok. Keep your hate it will destroy you and we will continue to take opportunities you shun.
onlyjoetee Dzień temu
This woman is a nut case clearly....
tonygalvan12 2 dni temu
That's why she would dress like a rape victim!
P Dub
P Dub 2 dni temu
What playing in the background?
Phyllis McCrary
Phyllis McCrary 4 dni temu
They Knew How Strick , He Was on Set , BUT no One Bothered , THAT it MIGHT Be A RAPIST on SET !!!!!!
I always sensed something dark about him. Oh yeah, because he had a vision that was different than yours.
justin d
justin d 5 dni temu
it was an embarassing and cheesy fake show just like the 80's with their bizarre random family skits like they were the black version of the von trapp family. it was obvious they were trying too hard to project a certain image. people were just so fake back then, sweeping everything real under the rug. i had an inuition that bill cosby was not a good man from the getgo. it was just something about him barely underneath the surface. again, that's the thing as people were expected to pretend and go along, especially back then moreso than today. people pretending to be happy when they weren't and expected to pretend everything was okay when it isn't. all about appearances. makes you want to gag.
Oscar Jordan
Oscar Jordan 5 dni temu
That must be a World's Record. Man speaks in monotone for over 10 minutes with absolutely no vocal fluctuation.
Chin Beats
Chin Beats Dzień temu
😂😂😂😂 Black Ben Stein
Jerry Leal
Jerry Leal 5 dni temu
Did not watch Cosby show because of bonet.
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 5 dni temu
Met Cosby, once, was really surprised that I immediately disliked him. Not at all warm nor affable. I agree that he seemed to carry a dark energy. That was about 30 years ago, way before his crimes were ever revealed. I never wanted to tell anybody what my impression of him had been because his reputation was so great. Now that everybody knows what a creep he is, I realize I had to have been picking up on something.
theresa webb
theresa webb 5 dni temu
I totally agree & believe lisa bonet caused alot of drama p on the set.
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 6 dni temu
lol well he still raped girls for fun and making them FAMOUS hahahaha wow hes dumb
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell 6 dni temu
This was really boring and the tone of the narrators voice sure as fuck didn’t help.
Marie Thomas
Marie Thomas 6 dni temu
Lisa's actions with Cosby while performing in his show are indicative of a female who has had sexual relations with him. Her determined arrogance and confrontation with Cosby would have come from intimate relations with him. That is the only explanation for her conduct on the set. Most predators choose females who have no family with money or anyone who could defend them like Lisa's background. Lisa said "I just leave all that to karma and justice and what will be" To me that says she could never speak out because she did not want anyone to know what she was doing with Cosby and he could ruin her career.
Marie Thomas
Marie Thomas 3 dni temu
@Yophi Smith I believe everything you said. Thanks.
Yophi Smith
Yophi Smith 4 dni temu
Marie Thomas That’s not the only reason. Over 70% of African Americans are born into broken homes and grow up with single parents. Widespread evidence shows patterns of destructive behavior in homes that have no father figure. She’s a statistic. Missing the father she never had, she sought out comfort through sexual misuse and perversion, drugs and rebellion. Exposing her to Hollywood was the first mistake as they exploit weaknesses like that and make you into the next sex toy until the next actress comes along.
Marvin the Martian
Only movie I saw her in was Enemy of the State
Mike Cziraky
Mike Cziraky 7 dni temu
Probably because he raped lots of women
5cloudwalker 7 dni temu
Bill Cosby did a one man show in the early ‘80’s in Calgary Alberta...he was rude and arrogant to one lady in the audience, I was totally shocked and disappointed. I was never interested in seeing any performance starring Bill Cosby ever since.
X DAFACTOR 8 dni temu
Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian
cosby thinks one can succeed in hollywood without being "dirty". same beef with eddie murphy. bill cosby is wrong. and obviously, he was dirty, he just kept it a secret. you gave something to all of us bill, then you took away (from me) forever. i loved you. 😪
Kris Edwards
Kris Edwards 9 dni temu
Lisa Bonet was hottest chick on Earth bar none
Fred Gardner
Fred Gardner 9 dni temu
Probably the drugging and raping..
Philip Ferrante
Philip Ferrante 9 dni temu
I loved the Cosby Show growing up as a teen in the 80s although i must say it wasn't the only show that portrayed middle or upper class African Americans during that era there was also 227 & Amen & before Cosby Show there was The Jeffersons & that was about an upper class African American family in a way.
david c smith
david c smith 9 dni temu
MAD GRUMPYMAN 10 dni temu
Of course they would not get along. Lisa Bonnet has gotten used to every second man she meets trying to f_ck her probably since she was 13 years old! After years of that she would have a pretty honed internal "creep meter". She probably picked up on Bill Cosby very quickly KNOWING if given the chance he would be on her like Oprah on a bucket of wings, consenting or not!
Sy Co Path
Sy Co Path 10 dni temu
Here take this so I can diddle about
Vanicea Clinton
Vanicea Clinton 10 dni temu
At the end of the day , she is an actress... so why would her real life be how she acted in movies
Micah Haley
Micah Haley 10 dni temu
Because she kept waking up on set with a mystery hangover and a sore butthole?
Angelo Johnnys
Angelo Johnnys 10 dni temu
I was so in love what her my frat black girl I like I was 9 😘😘
Kirk Moore
Kirk Moore 10 dni temu
Maybe Pill Cosby tried to slip her a Mickey?.....
Patricia P
Patricia P 10 dni temu
So....36 years later...Bill Cosby is in jail & Lisa Bonet is married to the hottest 🔥hunk in Hollywood.
Frank Mc
Frank Mc 11 dni temu
she's not down with rape
keahistight 11 dni temu
Easy answer - because he was a rapist and he tried to get at her. Done.
danielle hill
danielle hill 11 dni temu
The fact that they continue to talk about what a horrible person she was without thinking that perhaps she had been violated which made her act out....she was that empty chair.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 12 dni temu
either Lisa or another female actor from the Cosby Show was said to be a bad girl however the actor that played Rudy was good and I'll admit this I almost feel to the dark side before realizing what could have been a dangerous path to follow down cause I acted like some punk ass then just stopped also wish that someone like Rudy Huxtable would say stop and every person on this world will stop doing bad things to others
jason watling
jason watling 12 dni temu
awww still remembering a rapist fondly
Marylin Collins
Marylin Collins 12 dni temu
Bbill cosby was having sex with all the woman cast members. Alledely. Be honest dont try to build up that rapist tell the truth for once leisa clare all of them he had sex with alledely. Until leisa got tired of that ugly big nose guy
Carlo Durant
Carlo Durant 12 dni temu
Maybe bill tried to date rape her and thats why
Suzy Smith
Suzy Smith 12 dni temu
She did a full frontal nude sex scene in an occult movie. The believers I think it was called.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 13 dni temu
Black guy rapes loads of women. Shocker 🤣🤣🤣
Thelasthoward 13 dni temu
I can't stand bill... BUT seems like he wanted what's best for her. She wanted to be rebellious.
* *
* * 13 dni temu
Lisa Bonnet's Emmy award for looking soooooo good!
pmwedoable 13 dni temu
Look I grew up watching this show and love it. But I remember the media frenzy about cosby and lisa bonet troubles. And I love her quote in this video I feel that way too. Shes gifted in that sense and well something tells me he did her dirty and that caused her to rebel on the show just my 2 cents. That's why they always clashed.
Linda French
Linda French 13 dni temu
Bill tryed to slip a few of his pills in her pudding and she wasn't having it
Major Key
Major Key 10 dni temu
Gimme ur phone RIGHT NOW 💀💀💀
Mungo Munro
Mungo Munro 13 dni temu
When she got with Lenny
kkain123 13 dni temu
It sounds like he wanted to control her career which is not right. You can control the show but don't try and control them outside of the show. That is not ok.
Gurps Cheema
Gurps Cheema 14 dni temu
I saw the title and thought... "hmmm, let me guess..." It's sad, everything about that guy and I looked up to him for a very long time
The Captain
The Captain 14 dni temu
Free bill! All these women that claimed Cosby did these things knew exactly what they were getting into. And now they're all rich
Nic Van Orton
Nic Van Orton 14 dni temu
How did they get rich?
calbusa5 14 dni temu
She didn't want to get diddled
Sperminator Man
Sperminator Man 14 dni temu
Maybe because he raped her .
Feelings don't Matter
Loved the Cosby show
XXX 14 dni temu
Cosby probably tried to drug her and assault her
morenazo952 14 dni temu
She probably caught him slipping some power in her drink...
David MacD
David MacD 14 dni temu
If she had focked the nasty old man everything would have been just fine.
The Insidious Dr. Chupa
These videos would be great if you could work on your voiceovers. Content is perfect, but you sound like you're reading it in class or something.
Joseph Buehl
Joseph Buehl 14 dni temu
Ihope she's doing well.
AnthonyCruz 14 dni temu
Basically she was a biracial kid on a all black cast TV show in the 80’s and felt that b/c she was light skin that she should get more exposure and preferential treatment. She was too young and immature to understand the power of positive imagery.
Logan Hough
Logan Hough 15 dni temu
So let me say this, #1 Denise Huxtable is the FAVORITE child. I don't understand why people are saying she wasn't a good fit, she definitely brought something to the show. In fact, she was so well liked by Cosby and the fans, he gave her her own show. #2 Lisa Bonet was a grown woman, she had the right to get married to the great Lenny Kravitz and give him a beautiful daughter. Bill had control issues, and the problem is once she married a rock star he could no longer control her. #3 the movie and the nude scene, maybe it wasn't the best move, if she signed a contract saying she wouldn't take nude roles I can understand the network having issues with it. That breaks a contractual agreement. #4 once she became pregnant with Zoe cosby was livid! Debbie begged bill for her to stay, and to write the pregnancy in the show. Because contrary to popular belief black women get pregnant every day in college and guess what? They have the baby finish college. I know teen moms with doctorate degrees, so I personally believe that Debbies storyline about Denise becoming pregnant would have been good for the culture because it's relatable. So forget about the perfect image, let's speak facts about the black community and the issues within. #5 let's fast forward to today. Looking at where they both are. Lisa is married to Aquaman, she's gracing the red carpet, she's booking roles again while cosby is in prison. And the fact that she couldn't book a gig until he fell from grace should show you all that he blackballed this woman. Which asked the question, if he loved her so much in the beginning, y end her career the way he did? What was really going on BTN them behind the scenes? Love you Lisa! Keep shining girl!
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 15 dni temu
I hate feeling like this but in light of everything, I can just imagine how much Cosby probably wanted to rape her. He seemed to hate not being able to control her. He trashed her so much too.
Mary 15 dni temu
When are the reporters in this country going to ask Lisa Bonet what she thinks about what happen to Bill Cosby?


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