Why Shaun of the Dead is a Perfect Zombie Movie

Wow Such Gry
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We look into the psyche of Shaun and how him, and basically all of us, are the real zombies, fighting against the zombie world, as we analyze and cherish the 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead.
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Sep 13, 2019




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Wow Such Gry
Wow Such Gry Month ago
HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY SHAUN! Just a forewarning I dealt with some copyright stuff leading up to uploading this video, so you may or may not see it reuploaded if it happens again! Keep that in mind and enjoy this video! It is probably the most fun I've ever had making a video in a long time. So have fun with a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over!
adam tarver
adam tarver 14 dni temu
Shawn of the Dead is a great movie but it's a parody movie... Understand film please lol
CodeDevil666 27 dni temu
Diane dosen’t die
Savage Dawg
Savage Dawg 28 dni temu
Best line in ANY zombie movie: "Send more paramedics." EDIT My bad. COMPLETELY forgot about "Fuck-a-doodle-doo".
Savage Dawg
Savage Dawg 28 dni temu
"Why 'Shaun of the Dead' is a perfect zombie movie", or "Why Edgar Wright is the only writer-director worth a shit anymore, and probably the best ever".
CJ Ball
CJ Ball 3 godzin temu
But Diane's not dead though it proved that in an extra in the dvd/Blu-ray. It wasnt a deleted scene so I consider it canon but we all got our opinions so you do you bro
The Misunderstood Assassin
I seriously need to watch "Shawn of the Dead" in full. And I'm not just saying that because I watched your video!
purple dragon
purple dragon 2 dni temu
Help me get to 420 subs!
Friend: what’s your zombie apocalypse plan? Me: Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil - "Sorry." - grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
Chris Moeller
Chris Moeller 4 dni temu
My friend was one of the zombie extras in this film. He took his girlfriend there on their first date. Being a zombie extra in a movie (especially a movie as cool as this) is quite possibly the coolest first date I've ever heard of anyone doing.
Chris Moeller
Chris Moeller 4 dni temu
Thanks for reminding me that Shaun of the Dead was made 15 years ago. Now you made me feel old.
Joshua Sudholt
Joshua Sudholt 4 dni temu
Man it sucks I have a huge phobia of zombies... I really like the stories and comedy about zombies is 10/10 but I just get anxious watching even the dumbest of zombie movies or playing the worst zombie games
Chris Hess
Chris Hess 4 dni temu
Dose anyone know the intro song for this video
blue100000 4 dni temu
"Shaun of the Dead" is an excellent zombie movie because it balances humor with the dangers of a zombie infested world, that's something "Zombieland" failed to do...The movie was great until the Woody Harrelson character showed up ..😮
Thewaltham 5 dni temu
Acktually...! Dianne survived! According to the DVD extras, she actually was able to bash through the horde for long enough to come to her senses, likely did the whole "pretend to be a zombie" thing again, climbed up a tree and stayed there for a week until the zombies were gone. Also she had to eat her boyfriend's own leg to not starve to death. No idea how, but it's canonical that by the end of the film she's living with her aunt in Birmingham.
fedda99 5 dni temu
1:39 have seen so, no u
Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas 5 dni temu
This is a movie I ALWAYS stop to watch when it's on T.V. top 3 zombie films easily imo.
Eric Broadie
Eric Broadie 6 dni temu
Its confirmed that Diane lived by hiding in a tree, and eating David's leg, for 3 days. Then the army rolled through, and she moved with her aunt.
Maui Randall
Maui Randall 6 dni temu
I know this isn't The Walking Dead But if the smell of Rotting Flesh covers up the smell of people then why do their rotting noses not overpower every other smell
Autumn Conti
Autumn Conti 6 dni temu
Ah yis, simon pegg
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 6 dni temu
This was fun to watch. Great job!
Zeusy Moosey
Zeusy Moosey 7 dni temu
My favourite movie and the best review. Loved this! You should do a series of serious reviews.
bigredwolf6 7 dni temu
But would we survive
Darzeh 7 dni temu
Best zombie movie ever. I'm happy non UK people like/love this movie... It will always hold a place in my heart
John Bosco
John Bosco 7 dni temu
I've always liked more serious Zombie films.
Michael Tiller
Michael Tiller 8 dni temu
This movie was a lot deeper than I thought. I just thought it was a comedic zombie movie! 😂😂
OJ Miller
OJ Miller 8 dni temu
Ed doesn’t play pinball, it’s a fruit machine. But you are American. We will let you away with it. Great video essay
OJ Miller
OJ Miller 7 dni temu
Wow Such Gry yeah they are a thing, just British version of slot machines 🎰 the British “invade” never haha 😂 keep up the good work man 👌🏻
Wow Such Gry
Wow Such Gry 7 dni temu
Lol thank you! I didn't know fruit machines existed til I made this video and the British correction invasion occurred lol
Jacob McCracken
Jacob McCracken 8 dni temu
Diane doesn't dieeeee
dragon rose biollante
Great and inspiring
amp 8 dni temu
you got red on you
pb&j plushtrap
pb&j plushtrap 9 dni temu
dyan didnt actually die, you can go into bonus in the dvd and it reveals she survived by sitting on a tree and eating david's leg
Jordan Montgomery
By the way, Diane doesn’t die - she somehow survives through the horde and hides up a tree.
Prodon Warrior
Prodon Warrior 9 dni temu
Dian doesn’t die in the extended cut she climbs on a tree and eats the leg to survive hoped this helps 👍🏼
Gerardo Reyes
Gerardo Reyes 10 dni temu
I like this film. Great video and this movie is funny and awesome
Lee Harvey Gibbles
Lee Harvey Gibbles 10 dni temu
“Fuck this I’m going to the shed “ 😂😂😂😂
TheTaintedWisdom 11 dni temu
21:35 - My perception of the ending was that Liz's embracing of the more repetitious lifestyle was more a sense of having experienced enough excitement for one lifetime, and is content with sharing her life with Shaun, rather than seek out adventure. As for whether there's some "message" behind that. One could argue that for all the "living" some people do by traveling the world, bungee-jumping and skydiving, and whatnot, that for all the posturing and "worldly status" one attempts to convey, it's possible to live *too* dangerously, and that there's nothing wrong with being in a bit of a rut, if it means you spend time with the people you care about. Also, I genuinely have absolutely no clue how in the hell Edgar Wright managed to feature comedy and tragedy in scenes without feeling utterly incoherent tonally and melodramatic.
Angry mom Productions
A friendly reminder: Diane didn’t die in the horde, it was cannon that she climbed on a tree and waited everything out
Annaliese Cancilla
Annaliese Cancilla 13 dni temu
In the scene where Shawn and his mom are in the kitchen around the part where Shawn says that Philip “touched him” if you listen real real close you can hear edd crashing the car in the background
SLYbox 14 dni temu
johnathans sis and bros vids Lopez
I missed this movie
Chubbs 15 dni temu
Let’s all just have a pint and wait for all of this to blow over
Athanpwnd 15 dni temu
In the extras of the film it tells you that Dianne is still alive she hid in a tree just outside of the Winchester and waited up there for a few hours even remaining up there after Shaun exited the cellar
Kenny J.
Kenny J. 16 dni temu
This movie quite honestly "cured" my fear of zombies. The first time I got scared by a zombie was when I played Resident Evil (as a kid and you encounter that first one, that haunted me for years. But when I saw the Dawn of the Dead remake and saw them during the daylight, that for some reason really messed me up. Then.. Then this masterpiece came along, I caught it when it was shown on TV and all my fears and the unsettlning feelings I had for zombies just went away.
Hackney Station
Hackney Station 16 dni temu
*kills Phil* Shawn- Sorry. The British way to kill people.
Hackney Station
Hackney Station 16 dni temu
"Who the hell put that on!?" "IT'S ON RANDOM!"
Madam Creepypasta
Madam Creepypasta 16 dni temu
This was fantastic and I applaud your analysis! Only, Diane didn't die. In the extras menu of the DVD there is a clip about what happened to Diane after she left the tavern. She ended up hiding in a tree and eating her boyfriends' leg so she didn't starve to death, then she was rescued. I feel the point of that was, like you said, she was the forgiving side of Liz. and forgiveness might be dangerous and scary but if you forgive and persist you will make it out a better person.
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez 17 dni temu
Shaun's face everything😂 16:12
V 18 dni temu
At around the 17:00 mark or so you started repeating certain points like Shaun's heart to heart with his father and Shaun's mother's care for him and the group. I'm not sure if this was a simple accident, rephrasing and expansion of an idea, or if you were intentionally repeating yourself to prank us and see if you could catch us in, or wake us up from the zombie like stupor that could have come over us after watching a 20 minute film break down. Some of us might be watching simply to view something, where as others might be watching to see your interpretation, nonetheless it's possible to zone out mid video and idk, that was an interesting little segment, whether intentional or not. Great analysis man! I love this movie too. One of the first films to wake me up to the underlying intricacies of film.
Justice Lamance
Justice Lamance 18 dni temu
Got dang..... Wake up call from a tacky zombie movie.... Twenty minutes of introspection
ADMIRAL CASUAL 19 dni temu
Instead of me thinking shaun the dead is horro no For me its COMEDY FOR SOMEREASON
ADMIRAL CASUAL 19 dni temu
Resident evil movies:NOPE Resident evil games:HELL YE BOI
Tachanka's Turret
Tachanka's Turret 19 dni temu
I feel like any scene with Ed in it is automatically 12x better than it would be with out him
Tachanka's Turret
Tachanka's Turret 19 dni temu
I feel like any scene with Ed in in is automatically 12x better than it would be with ou
codey lee
codey lee 19 dni temu
Still got demonitized... 🙄
Fox McCage 2nd Channel
What about Juan of the Dead?
Clay Dude
Clay Dude 19 dni temu
Why is this age restricted? Come on 4Strefa.
Anton Varismäki
Anton Varismäki 19 dni temu
I hate this movie. Its not scary, its just comedy and it sucks
Ernest Gil
Ernest Gil 19 dni temu
Anything has Simon Pegg in it, was always been brilliant.
Vishwash Thapa
Vishwash Thapa 20 dni temu
.....so u want me to see a 20mint long video to know what i already know is perfect...........well seems legit
Cala Maria
Cala Maria 20 dni temu
Hmmm paying no mind to the zombies before he realized it isn't totally true. He thought it was people being weird (like how he saw the zombie chasing the pigeons) or just drunk (the people "kissing", the alleyway zombie that moans with their song, and Mary before they listen to the newscast). Everytime they revealed to the audience that they were zombies (apart from Mary and alleyway zombie), Shaun and Ed wasn't looking at them (the bus passed in front of the zombie before it bit the pigeon and then the zombie disappeared so Shaun didn't see the aftermath, the reveal of the people "kissing" was actually a zombie eating someone was after they turned around). The only thing he knew was that a lot of people were getting sick. The bloody handprints and the slippery floor in the store were suspect thou. Either he wasn't really paying attention or thought it was some kids doing a prank.
Raven 20 dni temu
Holy shit. Pete and Ed are just different parts of Shaun's psyche.
BlueKio 20 dni temu
Actually in the UK, we do just call our friends ''babe'' every now and then. Kinda like how we sometimes call people ''luv''. A nice call back to Shaun of the Dead.
fried frog mcduck
fried frog mcduck 20 dni temu
The only zombie film that that doesn't portray the military as bumbling twats and news show actually giving helpful tips to help contain and keep you safe
Swiss Ham
Swiss Ham 20 dni temu
"And if you haven't seen this movie" *fuck off*
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